Clint Mansell nominated for Grammy
Clint Mansell nominated for Grammy for 'Black Swan' soundtrack


Cint Mansell, former frontman of Pop Will Eat Itself has been nominated for a Grammy award for his soundtrack to the ‘Black Swan’ film.

Clint Mansell nominated for a Grammy

This is exciting news in lots of ways.
The soundtrack Itslef is quite brilliant and is the latest in a series of soundtracks from Clint including the one he wrote for ‘Moon’ which is a total classic. His dark, melancholic piano led pieces are the best soundtracks in Hollywood at the moment. We were lucky enough to see him play them live in London a couple of years ago at a stunning gig.
Another reason it’s so fab is that Clint is one of the good guys and we love the idea that he came from PWEI stormed Hollywood, wrote some ground breaking soundtracks and should win this award.


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