Cling ‘The End’ – review
Cling ‘The End’ (Cling Music via CD Baby)
Out: Now

When Paul Scott-Bates discovered Cling on MySpace a few years ago, they left a lasting impression. He examines their new track ‘The End’.

Formed in 2006, Cling are Susi Lavender and Gerald Patient. I came across them on MySpace at the time, and, have followed their moves ever since. I love their enthusiasm and their friendliness. Giving their music away to get the recognition that is now following them around more and more with every passing day.

Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength. In one form or another, they’ve released over 30 tracks, initially ambient but moving into dubstep of late. Their early tracks were swirling atmospheric slabs of gorgeousness, Gerald’s precise backing with Susi’s angelesque tones creating tracks that were simply something else.

In June 2010, their single Beyond Your Dreams clocked up almost 50,000 views on YouTube – quite remarkable.

Their new tune is a cracker, and like the 2012 mixes of Deeper Meaning and Beyond Your Dreams, it’s a harder, fuller sound this time round. The apocalyptical tale, embeds itself in your head and you really can’t let it go. “Too late for regrets, let’s just accept our fate”. It starts atmospherically and soon launches into a cosmic trap that you can’t help but fall into.

They really do make songs that won’t let go of you – therefore, an apt name for a group.

Give The End a listen and tell me you don’t play it a second time.

You can find out more about Cling on their Facebook page HERE

All words by Paul Scott-Bates

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