Classic punk singles- Vice Squad- ‘Last Rockers’

Vice Squad website

Punk is full of great singles.
Vice Squad were part of the so called second wave of punk.
Fronted by the irrepresible Beki Bondage the band wrote great songs and Beki’s charisma was key to the band’s success (top 75 albums etc).
The band are still touring and Beki is still great.

Great live clip and interview- just check the moshpit…


  1. Ah, as a nipper seeing them with Chron Gen, Infa Riot and ANWL got me a leathering and whatever we called “grounded” for a week. I still love No Cause for Concern, and Stand Strong. Bizarrely about 10 years ago I saw them in a pub playing to about 20 punters almost 20 years after I saw them in front of a mental packed Glasgow Apollo. It’ll be good to see them at Rebellion.

    And in a non-PC moment, Beki is still gorgeous.

  2. […] hopelessness, the wholesale lack of talent, was what made us a real punk band. The band was called Vice Squad – before the Beki Bondage lot ever came along – and we played one “gig” and had to escape. […]


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