Cilla Black

Cilla Black has died at the age of 72 at her holiday home in Spain.

“We are still awaiting autopsy results but everything at this stage is pointing towards her death being the result of natural causes,” a police spokesperson said.

She had been staying at her holiday home in a Spanish resort.

Famous for being  mainstream entertainer Cilla had famously been a contemporary of the Beatles and part of the legendary Cavern Club scene and her own pop career before moving into the TV mainstream.

Cilla was one of those people who were part of the patchwork of our lives, part of our cultural DNA. Some of her sixties records stand the test of time as classic girl pop and as a TV presenter her affable, so called ‘common touch’ put people at ease and she had that knack of seeming to be in the sitting room with you laughing with you.

Farewell Cilla you were perfect showbiz with the golden touch and that’s a compliment.

And she got to sing with the fab Marc Bolan…

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  1. CILLA BLACK friend of Jimmy SAVILLE CLIFF RICHARD and MARGARET THATCHER of whom she said put the Great into Great Britain Stood on the podium with the Conservatives at their 1992 conference Cilla Black CLASS TRAITOR

  2. She knew too much.. she had to go.
    She knew who controlled the Beatles, She knew who controlled pretty much everyone. Could she be trusted to take her knowledge to the grave? Maybe not. So they took the gave to Cilla.

  3. the BBC is forcing out or demoting the journalists who exposed Jimmy Savile as a voracious abuser of girls. As Meirion Jones put it to me: “There is a small group of powerful people at the BBC who think it would have been better if the truth about Savile had never come out. And they aim to punish the reporters who revealed it.” (quote from part of an article written by Nick Cohen of the Guardian.)

    I don’t know who wrote the above “Louderthanwar” article, but I suggest that are not aware that the Savile Scandal opened the Pandora’s box. People are now aware of how showbiz operates, and what part rituals (involving child abuse,) play via the various showbiz covens.. and which celebrities knew but did not tell, and subsequently, which celebrities are meeting with “accidents” and “drug overdoses” and “early deaths”.

    I’ve been enjoying the Membranes new CD – particularly “Money is Dust” and doesn’t that just ring true, when you think how handsomely the celebrities were paid to keep quiet? What good will money do to Cilla Black, as she stands before God and accounts for her life? Money won’t pay for her sins. Jesus did that but no celebrity will go there…. unless they’ve been set up to be a fake Christian… (like poor old Kitty.. shaking her shoes in Barbados..wishing her Dad had never sold her to the Krays.)

    Jesus said the truth will set you free. Those brave journalists at the BBC who “outed” Savile and stopped the celebrity machine, have set free millions of people who suffered abuse. Don’t mourn Cilla. Mourn the fact that five generations of people have had their opinions formed from watching TV… Programmes put together by people who knew that child abuse was going on under their noses, and the did nothing about it.

    Mourn Jill Dando…. good friend of Kitty’s… who tried to stop the occult/abuse circle and who was found dead.

    Applaud those like Bill Maloney, who stand up and shout and shout loud… that’s if you dare to applaud a Christian who won’t take any more shit from the establishment…

    But whether you mourn or applaud, please do realize what is going on here. And stop with the “Oh dear old Cilla” articles.. really.. its just embarrassing.

  4. Like all media controlled puppets Cilla Black would have been chosen as an opiate for the masses and if she didn’t do what they wanted her to then she would be ruined or worse. I really believe that.


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