Christian Death announce new Pledge Music album ‘The Root OF ALL Evilution’ – check out the Pledge extras!!

Christian Death announce new Pledge Music album ‘The Root OF ALL Evilution’ – check out the Pledge extras!!

Its been seven years since the previous Christian Death album ‘American Inquisition’…however the silence is set to be broken as the band have announced that new album ‘The Root OF ALL Evilution’ is to be released via Pledge Music with vocalist Vlad Kand declaring “the new songs we’ve been writing are some of the best we’ve written and we can’t wait for you to hear them”

As with all Pledge releases the bands are keen to offer some added incentives, and Christian Death are no different offering the now usual signed editions, limited edition artworks, and T-shirts, Christian Death then up the ante and offer a limited number of buyers the chance to dine with the band, or perhaps to work a Death gig as either a bass or drum technician for $300 (£195), frontman Vlad will even officiate your wedding for $2000 (£1300) – this offer remains open for 5 loved up couples, though you need to be residents of the USA to apply.


However Christian Death have certainly (and appropriately) saved the best till last – for $20000 (£13000) Christian Death will play at your funeral!!

This offer is available for just 1 buyer, with the band stating ‘We’ll be on standby until your demise’ – there are no further details as whether this offer if available for non US based interested buyers.

If you are interested in a death rock band marking your own death then check out the bands Pledge campaign, there is also a clip of track ‘A Nuns Confession’ which will be featured on the album.

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  1. I’ve never been fond of the non Rozz Williams incarnation.

    Also, for god’s sake people (pun intended) be CAREFUL with PledgeMusic. Those guys have zero idea what they are doing. Every time I have pledged its been an utter mess.


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