Chris Packham’s top 10 punk and post punk gigs : number 7 : The Cure

 The Cure came of of the back end of punk. Formed before the explosion their artful sharp and angular debut album saw them slot into the proto post punk period as a sort of angular cousin of Wire and even Buzzcocks before they went on their own trajectory with their first 4 albums which were brilliant dark records.

Chris : I saw the Cure later than punk, in 1979, and they were fantastic. They were from Crawley. We saw them play weird venues where they always used to play. One was in St. Albans and there was Aylesbury Friars.  We used to hitch there. At least you would get picked up in those days. I would go by train to the gig because I would have just enough money for the train and then I would hitch back. I remember sleeping in a phone box once and the police turned up and they took me to the cells and they gave me a cup of tea. That wouldn’t happen now! (laughs).


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