The Police are not a band you would expect. .

Chris : This is one you would not expect. I used to go and see all the punk bands. I saw the Stranglers about ten times but, do you know what, I wouldn’t rate them in my gigs to remember. I remember being disapointed a few times by them because they didn’t sound so good. I remember getting dragged by first girl friend to see the Police and that was immeadialty after a Stranglers gig and I have to say the Police sounded amazing. They were really tight, really professional. Maybe they had better kit. I don’t know what it was. That was 78/79 I had seen the Stranglers a couple of times before and they were ok but then I went to this terrible gig and the sound was just a noise and the next gig was the Police and they were great and I just didn’t expect that.

Number 7 in Chris Packham’s top 10 punk and post punk gigs here


  1. You would not be disappointed by the Stranglers nowadays. They are packing out gigs on the last couple of tours. The Black and White album celebration tour this Spring was great. Sound was spot on. Come to think of it I have followed them from the early days and not been to a bad gig. Occasional problems with Dave’s old hammond organ but that was about it.


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