The TV documentary about the impact of punk on the life of presenter Chris Packham is on BBC 4 this Friday. In the programme, Chris visits many of the punk musicians who had such a profound effect on his life. With guests booked by LTW boss John Robb (who was also meant to be on the programme until time and budget decided otherwise) the guests include Jordan, Pauline Murray and a very rare interview with Sex Pistols art director Jamie Reid as Chris examines just how and why punk changed so much for him and, by extension, so many of that generation (read Chris’s top ten favourite punk gigs here)

He also looks at its long-lasting impact and draws parallels with Extinction Rebellion and attempts to understand if the lineage continues to an IDLES gig at the 100 Club and wonders if we need punk to return and looks at the influence it has had on his current campaigning in a fascinating programme.

Broadcast Friday Jan 10th 

Chris Packham ‘Forever Punk’ TV documentary about the impact of punk on his life this Friday

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