Chris Moyles- the new John Peel?

One was the icon of new music whose radio show introduced generations to new sounds and had an eclectic taste that put the music first, the other was a big time breakfast DJ….


John Peel, who once referred to Chris Moyles as the new Dave Lee Travis, carved out the ten till twelve slot that introduced so much varying and eclectic music to people that it is ridiculous to think about it whilst Chris Moyles initially bumped up the figures with his laddish Breakfast slot- you can’t get two more diverse characters. With John Peel now dead and no-one ever having the talent and instinct to replace him the BBC has been missing a totemic new music presence – could Chris Moyles be that man?


It looks pretty mad on paper but someone at the BBC is apparently thinking that Chris Moyles may be the man to fill Peel’s hallowed 10 till 12 slot. Could it work?


We are not ones to quibble and Moyles may have massive interest in new music and music in general that he had to keep hidden in the world of personality radio. Hidden, because for some reason, music has little to do with daytime radio which makes this idea of Chris Moyles doing this slot a touch surprising but not impossible.


Also would Chris Moyles be interested in this so called graveyard slot? It’s not traditionally a mainstream place unless they change the formulae and dump the groundbreaking music and be turned into populist radio?


What do you think? Do you reckon Chris Moyles could pull this off? Do you think that it’s time late night radio was more fun and celebrity led? do you think all this new music stuff is overrated and that radio is really for talk and fun? Do you also sometimes wonder where they get the figures for radio listeners from? And what has radio got to do with music anyway? Why are we still bothered if we can hear music we like on the radio when for decades it’s ignored us all…



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  1. He certainly has a name for himself so I could see him at least turning a few people on to good music maybe even give “guitar” music the pick up on radio it needs ? who noes but it would be interesting to see him without a team round him (I’ve forgot them tards names) but still if one chance is better than no chance …? I never got to hear john peel on the radio i would of only been 10/11 (his show was abit past my bed time) when he died but I do no how much of a legend is was and IS ! But ya like I said give him a chance whats the worst that can happen …..?

  2. Stuart Hatfield

    Well I guess that no one should be excluded from playing great music on the radio ! Moyles would only be on the radio at the same time that John Peel was, which is very different from replacing him. Does anyone over 30 still listen to Radio 1 ?

  3. Well considering Moyles is a 38 year old man who’s musical taste consists of Take That, McFly & Pixie Lott I’d say he’s not the man for the job.

  4. Having had the misfortune of having to listen to this man regularly over a sustained period on my way to work I would say this has to be a non starter. If he secretly has decent taste in music then he has certainly done well to hide it as he displayed no evidence of this whenever I had radio 1 on. Check out the tracks he chooses on the times he’s appeared on those ‘soundclashes’ Zane Lowe does on the Evening Session (is it called that still?).

  5. Now that we have 6Music to provide us with a hugely varied and eclectic mix of sounds, programmes and documentaries, Radio 1 can do as they wish with Moyles.

    Might be interesting to find out if Moyles actually has a taste in music or if he is indeed a DLT type figure!

  6. Chris Moyles is the antichrist of radio! He should be DJ-ing village halls…That is all.

  7. Chris Moyles should just be buried at sea.Hopefully before he dies.

  8. Haven’t heard Radio One properly since Peelie died (RIP). Only really listen to Marc Riley on 6Music now..a great mix of old & new plus the right amount of banter.

  9. Honestly. That is the stupidest thing I’ve f**king read all year.

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