Dave lee Travis resigns again!
Dave lee Travis resigns again!

Dave lee Travis resigns again!
Dave lee Travis resigns again!

Oldies radio station Radio One has seen its breakfast show presenter Chris Moyles move on.

Announcing his departure on air in a reminder of Dave Lee Travis’s on air departure all those years ago the DJ is to be replaced by Manchester’s Nick Grimshaw.

The self proclaimed “saviour of Radio 1″ was the most popular daytime radio DJ on the station and not without controversy. The average age of his listeners was 33 and the move is though to be the BBC looking for that indefinable ‘youth market’.

Why not just play eclectic and great music?

What do you think? fan of the breakfast show? bored of radio one? do we need a shake up? is music being strangled? does this all really matter any more in the internet era?

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  1. Good riddance. I used to listen to him when I lived in Scotland purely because the alternative local stations were absolutely appalling but since I moved to Manchester thankfully I’ve never had to listen to him again.

    An arrogant bully whose music taste was easily surpassed by my OAP mother’s. Let’s talk for half an hour without playing a single song whilst I put everyone else down and talk about how great U2 are. That pretty much summed up the show.

    I can’t fault his skills with the desk but I can certainly fault the music ( or lack thereof) that he played and virtually everything that came out if his mouth.

    • DrBass – I couldnt agree with you more!

      I remember when he started he despised football and couldn’t give a toss about Leeds. Now he’s a die hard life long Leeds fan cos it’s ‘cool’ to follow football. He was the same about Robbie fricking Williams, Barlow and Beckham (to name but a few), then at the drop of a hat he’s right up their arses!

      The guys a sycophantic, self serving, fawning, parasite who knows nothing about good music and is not funny in any way as far as i’ve ever heard.

      The thing that annoys me is he’ll now get a job on Radio 2 with Chris Evans and the other Radio 1 rejects so we’ll hear just as much from him anyways. (6 Music will be safe I pray)

      Good riddance to the paradoxically named “comedy” Dave as well. Tit.

  2. Chris Moyles, Graham Norton, Edith Bowman, Reggie Yates, Scott Mills, the (shit) list is endless……………….

    • Bowman is the most irritating DJ ever to hit the airwaves, her ramblings at the TITP just made me switch channels. Talks utter shite…Yet her BF is in a decent band…

  3. I used to listen to him in the mornings when I was about 16. Then one day I realised that I’d rather hear decent music. Maybe one out of ten tracks on Radio 1 are bearable. It got that bad that not even the banter (which I listened to the show for) was worth the rubbish on their daytime playlists. That was 10 years ago. Not listened to Radio 1 Since. I don’t Grimshaw is gonna change a thing. It’s not like the DJ’s get to choose the tracks either.

  4. The problem as I see it is even if Grimshaw does get back to playing music more he will be tied to the playlist which at the moment is all a little to one sided towards the Jessie J types, fine if that’s what your into but no variety means that the radio 1 playlist is out of touch for a lot of people. The media should look to the festivals and record sales good or bad and despite their personnal feelings choose a little from column A and a little from column B. You can’t please everyone obviously but supply and demand is the answer, give people what they want. If that happens to be Wileys new track then at least give the rest of us a five minute warning so we can turn the volume down!
    The way I look at music is that we are all different and if everybody liked the same thing then the creative spark would die out and it’d be a pretty boring world. The purpose of music is to create an emotional response from the listener. Whether that’s to smile, laugh, cry, or vomit violently (see beiber for an example of this) or something that makes you want to get up and mosh your tits off. Music is an art form your not supposed to like every thing you hear but when you do hear that one track or that one artist that really lights up your soul, there’s no better feeling (enhanced by happy pills usually). We need to accept that people feel passionate about different things on different levels, even if they are wrong!

    Ps love the “fat” moyles pic he’ll love that!

  5. good riddance,the beeb as a whole are crap,and in conjunction with the n.m.e have murdered music in the uk,moyles is garbage,not got a good word to say about him,along with the other rubbish,like cotton and the boring student types who get on in the media..

  6. Its about time he started pulling his weight and got some talent. We really shouldn’t be giving him the time of day (i am aware of the irony)

  7. he always had a chip on his shoulder about Mark & Lard. Probably because they were funnier, smarter and had far superior musical taste. Glad to see the back of him.

  8. I love radio in the morning. if I wanted to just listen to good music I’d just put my iPod on. I like a bit of humour and personality and that’s why I’ve not listened to Radio 1 for years. You can’t beat the boys at Real XS (formerly 106.1 Rock Radio), who’s playlist is stale but worth it for the banter of Sweens and Dewsbury.

  9. Bring back the Hairy Cornflake. At least he didn’t pretend he wasn’t crap.

    Is the breakfast dj such a big deal in this day and age any more?

  10. So one egotistical moron is been replaced by another?
    I fail to see how some skinny jeans wearing ‘hipster with a regional accent and an inability to throw a sentence together without including the word “like” several times is going to improve an already crap situation.
    At least Grimshaw can regale his early morning audience with riveting tales of how achingly cool he is and how he was “sooooo drunk” last night at some exclusive showbiz bash with the Geldof girls and Jessie J every morning. And then probably play some shitty dubstep.
    Whilst we’re (kind of ) on the subject, why in the name of fuckery are Vernon Kay and that utter wanker Sara Cox still employed by Radio 1?
    Let’s face it, since the departure of Mark and Lard, the station’s been on it’s arse.
    I certainly won’t suddenly start listening to the R1 breakfast show when Moyles has gone.
    Why would I? I’ve got the new Turbonegro album and that’s all anyone would need first thing on a morning.


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