Chris Cohen: Brighton – live review

The Prince Albert, Brighton
Mon 10th December 2012

This promised to be a good gig . Chris Cohen is responsible for one of the years great overlooked albums, ‘Overgrown Path’ , and I was looking forward to hearing it live.

Chris Cohen hails from Los Angeles and has done the rounds of alternative US bands . Stints with The Curtains , Cryptacize , Deerhoof , Natural Dreamers and The Park Details Band show he is a veteran of the scene.

He is also a singing drummer , something of a rarity these days .

‘Overgrown Path’ is full of references to psychedelia and West Coast American rock. Comparisons have been drawn to Robert Wyatt and Kevin Ayers, both of which are true, but , I also think there is some Beach Boys in there as well.

But first we have three local Brighton bands of varying ability . I didn’t get any of these bands names, so apologies if you are reading. The first band were truly awful with a male vocalist who sounds like an out of tune Macy Gray . The second started with a great sub 10 minute Psychedelic jam and featured a guitarist using a violin bow. The third band The Hundreth Something [ apologies again ] reminded me of Au-Pairs with their two girl, two boy indie flavoured set.

Chis Cohen takes to the stage late and is forced to do a shortened set due to the other bands over running and an 11PM curfew in place . Maybe next time the number of support bands could be cut so we get to hear the headliner. That’s what most people come for. He elects to play the album in running order starting with Minod. It means two tracks cannot be played. He also informs us that it is The Chris Cohen Band rather than Chris Cohen and band. The sound is good and a really enjoyable set is played of which the highlight is Caller 99. The band are really tight and play a Psychedelic tinged set. Chris Cohen’s voice is ideally suited to this music.

The dissapointments of the night were the early finish to Chris Cohen’s set and the rather sparse audience. I suppose Monday night is not a great crowd pulling night.

On the plus side, it was a good gig. Chris Cohen deserves more attention than he has got so far. Overgrown Path is a really good album and is performed note perfect live. Lets hope the crowds pick up for the rest of the tour.

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