Is Chris Brown hijacking punk culture in the name of fashion?

Yes, in another of our occasional series of the appropriation of punk rock and underground culture by mainstream types:

Here we see pop singer Chris Brown in a studded leather jacket…what next Top Shop stocking them? Footballers wearing old school punk rock studded leathers?

All those types who last week were attacking people for wearing clothes like this, buying them because they are ‘fashion’?

On the other hand, maybe Chris Brown is a big fan of Cro-Mags?

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  1. ‘Approbation’? Surely appropriation. Pedantry aside though, A friend of mine suggests that Mr B here is maybe a fan of The Exploited’s ‘Sex and Violence’. Incidentally, other than shamelessly assault his girlfriend, what does this guy do? Who is he??

  2. never heard of this chap, you say ‘old school punk’ jacket but lets be clear here, the original 77 punks at the Roxy and such places never wore this type of stuff, the studded/painted leather is the ‘uniform’ of UK82 as they now call it. I thought the original punk look ie torn jackets with safety pins and any old clobber suitably ‘punkified’ was the best look.

  3. Fortunetly some of the bands advertised on his jacket had stated on the net that they have nothing to do ( nor they want) with this twat. Ex. Municipal waste.
    He is just a posser.


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