Chinese Burn- great punk rock from Stroud
a leering frontman, tight economical riffs and razor sharp songs what else do you want punk?Chinese Burn- great punk rock from Stroud

Chinese Burn myspace

I walk into Gloucester Guildhall late afternoon at a great punk all dayer and I’m instantly struck by this amazing band on the stage.

Chinese Burn are from Stroud and play tight, economical melodic punk. It’s razor sharp and no riff is wasted. They have the amphetamine rush of classic 1977 punk but with a modern twist. Their frontman is a great, gonzoid punk rock look with the sort of leering maniacal faces that Wilko Johnson deals in. He hangs off the mic stand, throws those splayed leg stances of the first wave punk rock frontman and sings in a highly effective punk rock yelp.

Every song dealt by the five piece is an effective rush of ideas with catchy tunes and fiercely intelligent arrangements. It’s like a time capsule from a time when punk had no rules, a time when there was no dress code, the band’s scruffiness and natural charisma adds to their intrigue – I need to see more of this band.


  1. Chinese Burn are fantastic, they have supported big names such as Stiff Little Fingers! They are always great to see and hear! Their albums are mint! I was utterly gutted to miss them recently dude to my work habit!

  2. Saw them supporting The Dickies in Cardiff in 2016 and they were really good. Bought the album – it’s a goodun. Bought a Euthanasia 2 compilation CD from someone in the crowd at Stiff Little Fingers in Exeter last week and it has got two brilliant Chinese Burn tracks on it: “Shut you mouth” and “Defending Stalingrad”. Look forward to seeing them again.

    • CHEERS Pog ! Thanks for buying the CD :) you are now an underdog like us. Thanks for your kind words.
      We have been up and down the country gigging more and more of late. See facebook page for upcoming shizzle . LLTU !

  3. Hello everyone ! Thanks for all the kind words about Chinese Burn. Glad you like the noise we make :) John Robb’s review of us back in 2011 and all the support from fans and other bands really spurred us on to do a proper album and a proper edited YouTube promo video. This August we finally made it to the Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool. We love doing it, it’s such a bonus when people get what we are all about.
    Please like our facebook page, check-out the videos tab on it, come and see us live (see the events tab), heckle us ! LONG LIVE THE UNDERDOG ! (ed the bass player)


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