Chic : Glastonbury 2013 : live reviewChic : Glastonbury 2013 : live reviewChic ft. Nile Rodgers 

Glastonbury 2013

 West Holts stage

28th June 2013

live review

Along with a large group of friends we marched at high velocity to my favourite stage at The Glastonbury Festival, The West Holts Stage, for the Friday night main event.

A jammed packed field awaited us. Somehow managing to make our way to the front right-hand side of the stage.

I performed my final stretches to ensure I am match prepared for a couple of hours of non-stop dancing and singing.

I was somewhat regretting I didn’t join in with the girls morning power yoga session in the Green Field yoga area but following a baking hot day taking in nine bands all over the site I was already be a stone lighter but a lot stiffer.

Meanwhile I am keeping up the Glastonbury tradition of getting one sunburnt leg to go with the muddy other.  This year Glastonbury was showing promise of being the perfect weather experience with only a small 6 hour downpour on Thursday which helped keep the dust under control.

Down at the West Holts stage there sure is some electricity in the air tonight and that’s not the arcadia stage performers just yet.

The first full day of main stage music is drawing to a close for the first time in two years following the break last year. We have missed this.

What better way than to close the day and enter the night with Chic- quite possibly the greatest party band around.

A chant of ‘Nile, Nile, Nile’ rings round the audience for what seems like an age before the band appear on stage to a deafening roar.

The band jam, stop and build into Everybody Dance with a blinding soulful brass section smothered in that famous Nile guitar being unleashed into a field that can’t stay still.

From the moment that infectious line of ‘everybody dance do, do, do, clap your hands, clap your hands’ was dropped, it was the moment to put on your red shoes and dance.

Once asked by Bernard Rogers,  “Nile what does do do do mean?’ he answered, ‘It’s the same as la la la mutha fucka but much cooler”. The perfect answer to the perfect question.

Leading into Dance, Dance, Dance  it then hit me, this is the hitmaker playing in front of my eyes now, I have started dancing and I have no option of stopping, I was now in the palm of the Chic hand.

With endless number 1 hit records written or produced under the Chic/Nile & Bernard’s umbrella for Chic and other artists, this set was up there with the best I have ever experienced with so many hits it was unrelenting. There is no rest for the wicked at a chic performance.

For a near two hour set I was with everyone in the field and totally lost in music.

It is pointless for me to work my way through the track by track as this was possibly the greatest party set ever played. The set concluded with a mass stage invasion by members of the audience, the band, friends, family and other performers.

I can’t even pick highlights I started to write a list of my favourite tracks and found I was writing the full set list so here it is for you.

Full Set List in Order

  1. Everybody Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
  2. Dance, Dance, Dance
  3. I Want Your Love
  4. I’m Coming Out
  5. Upside Down
  6. Greatest Dancer
  7. We Are Family
  8. Soup For One
  9. Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
  10. Like a Virgin
  11. Lost in Music
  12. Notorious
  13. Original Sin
  14. Spacer
  15. Thinking of you
  16. Let’s Dance
  17. Chic Cheer
  18. My Forbidden Lover
  19. Le Freak
  20. Good Times (With snippet of Rapper’s Delight)
  21. A dance out into the night with Get Lucky Nile’s/Daft Punk’s latest hit from that fender effectuality known as the hit hitmaker.




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