a cheap holiday in other peoples misery? 'Chernobyl Diaries'- is this a film that's gone too far
a cheap holiday in other peoples misery? 'Chernobyl Diaries'- is this a film that's gone too far

a cheap holiday in other peoples misery? 'Chernobyl Diaries'- is this a film that's gone too far
a cheap holiday in other peoples misery? 'Chernobyl Diaries'- is this a film that's gone too far
Every so often film makers push the boundaries in order to shock their desensitised audience, and a film completely outrageous is created and thrust upon us. The existence of said film, causes your blood to boil, so much so in comparison the news of wife beating celebs being welcomed back into the music community with opened arms and a basket of mini muffins, now makes you smile. The motion picture makes you want to picket and scream at the creators. It leaves you with a mouth that is permanently turned set in disgust, and a need to tell everybody about it, so that they can revolt with you.

The Human Centipede 2 is one of the most recent examples of crossing the line – albeit not based on a true story, but rumoured to be able to cause deep psychological trauma. The film had to be cut to pieces (like the main protagonists genitals in the film) to make sure that it actually received a rating. Scenes in the film are as follows; masturbating with sandpaper, mouths being stitched to anus and tongues being ripped out. Yum! Where can I buy this work of madness which makes me question the film makers’ sanity. Even twitter God Steven Fry was shocked by it, “Human Centipede 2. I’m not sure I shall ever be the same again”. And he’s the most cleverest.

But this film maker in question, has bigger fish to fry. Producer of the The Paranormal Activity films, Oren Peli, has made a film about an event so harrowing, abysmal and was even armageddon for some. He wants to use the idea of zombies from the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. I know what you’re thinking genius, no one will feel at all disgusted watching that.

The film named ,’The Chernobyl Diaries’, sees a group of American teenagers visit the Ukraine and the site of the Chernobyl disaster as “extreme tourists”, finding themselves with some unwanted guests, in grabby jumpy zombie form.

When the Michael Bay’s ‘Titanic’ came out in 1997, Blue Peter had a guest appear on the show, who was a baby on the Titanic, she was disgusted that the film had ever been made, as it would remind her too much of the her father who died upon the ship – and that was a love story!

Where will the boundaries stop, what natural or man made disasters are going to be next on the cutting room floor. Is their get out of jail card a statute of limitation of years? If that’s the case I’m sure there are some gruesome mass murders or earthquakes, he could use a muse, which are coming up to the twenty year mark. Because after that amount of time it’s completely acceptable to turn an innocent victim into a blood hungry monster.

One of the worst aspects of the films is that twenty six years after the catastrophic disaster people are still suffering from the after effects, not to mention the people that lost family and friends, and this film will probably make bucks, and big bucks at that.

If this actually gets a release date and you are hungry for some blood and guts I’m sure “Final Destination 43 : death really is coming this time, really we mean it, RUN” will be out by then, go and see that.

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