new band of the day : Chelsea Wolfe
new band of the day : Chelsea Wolfe
new band of the day : Chelsea Wolfe
Chelsea Wolfe

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We covered the Californian based singer Chelsea Wolfe, who makes powerfully, stark affecting music that is brooding and enthralling, as a New Band of the Day nearly a year ago now. So it seemed about time to have a catchup with her to see how things have been progressing for her.

She has just recorded an EP of Rudimentary Peni cover versions for Southern Records Latitude sessions.¬

The EP is called Prayer For The Unborn and the 5 covers last for 11:43 minutes. Edition of 500 CDs in foil-blocked letter-pressed orgami-fold wallet with insert, hand packed and hand numbered.

This a beautiful and unsettling music that has the elements of the folk edge of the Norwegian black metallers whon they take the darkness of their music and move it into the neo-folk.

There is feedback, noise and a sonorous, heavy, brooding melancholy here- like Nick Cave, bit of Einsterzende Neubaten and beyond, even a hint of Wardruna in there.



1. When and how did you start making music? was it always tinged with this attractive darkness?  
I’ve always been drawn to finding out the reality of any situation, even when I was a little girl, I needed to know the truth and found that the truth wasn’t always a pretty thing. In that way I understood sadness and started translating it into words and songs.
2. It’s lazy to tinge you ‘Goth’ but even if we see that as a positive thing you have also been called ‘drone metal art doom folk’ – you are beyond niche- what do you think? Your recent acoustic album seems part of this process? 
It’s just that I don’t stick to one specific genre and I never have. I like to experiment and not place boundaries on my own music.
3. You did a  cover of Burzum’s “Black Spell of Destruction”, … an interesting choice- why choose this song? where you a fan of black metal and do metal fans like what you do? 
There’s a certain white noise in black metal that I also find in my songs sometimes. There are a lot of black metal bands that I really like.
4. ~You move around musical genres, I find the folk tinge interesting- is that part of your make up?
I started off playing and listening to folk and old country music. I do consider myself a folk artist but again I don’t usually stick to one genre, even on one album. The acoustic album was a collection of a certain type of songs I’d written over the years.
5. Even your press photos seem likes works of art, like on the cover of Unknown Romance- is this an important part of the process?
I don’t consider myself a visual artist but I enjoy exploring the visual aspect of being a musician and I think aesthetic is important.
6. there are a lot of literary influences in your music, you even thank DH Lawrence in your liner notes- are books an important part of your creative process? 
Yes, books and film are some of the most inspiring things; the cinematic, grand aspect and the way words curl around your mind and inspire.
7. there is an amazing intimacy to your your music, how do you achieve this? 
Thank you. I write from a very honest place so maybe that is the intimacy you hear.
8. Lots of your photos have your face covered with a veil- is this deliberate? it creates a great air of mystery!
It took me a long time to be able to be a performer, I used to need to hide. I still have issues with being in front of people but I love making music and it’s part of the job so I accept this now.
9. Your songs are very emotional, threatening to boil over all the time- is that difficult to achieve?
It’s an instinctual thing.. an energy.
10-. there is a filmic quality to your music- is that deliberate?
When I write and play I have atmospheres and visuals in my mind, yes.
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