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American metallers Chelsea Grin return with their much-anticipated third album. Louder Than War’s Lisa Lunney review.

This album showcases the maturity and evolution of the sound of Chelsea Grin. They are establishing their own unique sound instead of the deathcore stereotype style we are used to from so many bands. Chelsea Grin has found their sweet spot, with vocals, instrumental experimentation and bold lyrics.

I’ve always enjoyed this band, as they jump between genres with different tracks. When they add in more melodic guitars and clean singing, it’s a very cool twist.

Ashes to Ashes is a killer third album. The full run-time is only ten seconds away from reaching a full hour, and in one those fifty-nine minutes and fifty seconds, Chelsea Grin absolutely slays. Proving, its quality over quantity when it comes to number of tracks on an album.

Chelsea Grin has never sounded better. Their debut album was all about raw power, and the subsequent releases attempted to branch out into something more. Ashes to Ashes is the gem. More symphonic sound is utilized, and there is a blending of piano, string melodies, as well as dark electronic ambience, this adds fantastic layering to their primary metal, or ‘deathcore’ sound.

Jason Richardson absolute slays with his broad vocal talent. His range has certainly grown since the last album, and he is one killer artist. I really admire Chelsea Grin because every member works their ass off to produce the best possible music for their loyal troupe of fans. Pablo Viveros is one of the most dedicated drummers in the industry. He can shred, contribute to vocals and continuously awe fans with his raw talent.

For fans of Slayer, Lamb of God and Whitechapel, check out Ashes to Ashes. This album is one not to miss. My personal favourite tracks: Playing With Fire, Nightmares and Sellouts.

One of the best metal releases of 2014. No questions; the best album of the summer.


You can check out more from Chelsea Grin on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

All words from Lisa Lunney. More from Lisa can be found by visiting her Louder Than War Author’s Archive


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