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New London quartet Cheatahs recall the best of 90’s shoegaze psychedelic pop with their debut EP SANS, more from Chris Hearn below.

Stop the presses! Hold the phones! Start the alarms! Calling all cars! New potential favourite band alert! This one is a winner! Extra, extra, extra!

Okay, so let’s set the scene. Not too long ago I did a gushing review of the new Mystery Machine album. Well, now here comes along a band that is new to me that could be Mystery Machine’s equally cool UK based cousin, and they have put together a WAY too short EP that is absolutely fabulous! I. LOVE. IT! And, if you like bands like Ash, the Posies, The Doughboys, Samiam, Superdrag and so on and so forth as I do, then this is the band for you, let me tell ya! About 30 seconds in to EP opener “Swan” I knew I liked this album and this band….and by the end of the EP, I knew I liked this album and this band…A WHOLE LOT!

Title song “SANS” has some absolutely perfect Dinosaur Jr. –esque guitar feedback mixed with stoned out harmonies and hooks. “Fountain Park” is just straight up poppy punky goodness, with a feel good hit of the spring thing going on. And it all wraps up way too soon with the rockier, yet still pretty laid back, “woooo” peppered, somewhat fuzzed out “Flake”.

And, with that, I took to the internet to find a video for our fine readers of one of these songs from the EP…. with absolutely no luck. I did, however, find their birthday party gone wrong vid for “Coared” off of their first EP of the same name. Here it is! Enjoy!

The major downfall of SANS? Four songs! I need more! I want a full album and I want it now. I’ve already listened to this one about 20 times…or maybe 30….and I’ve only just begun. It’s just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. This is their second EP, and the first on their new label Wichita Recordings, home to another fave of mine The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx, along with some heavy hitters in Bloc Party, Best Coast and Peggy Sue. The label seems quite keen on them and hopefully this relationship will prove fruitful and we will have more great Cheatahs music in the near future. A full LP maybe? Soon even? Please!?

Now, how four guys from four different countries came together to create a band is a mystery to me. James Wignall on guitar and vocals is from Britain, Dean on bass and vocals is from the States, drummer Marc Raue is German and Nathan Hewitt on vocals and guitar is a fellow Canuck from Morinville just north of Edmonton, Alberta. He is quoted as saying “I don’t think I could ever live in a place that had snow around for half the year ever again.” Oh, I hear you brother. I lived in Edmonton. It about killed me. You have my full understanding on that one. But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? And that strength has been brought to this brilliant feedback filled pure pop, melody and harmony drenched beauty, I’m guessing? Let’s pretend it has been.

Cheatahs: SANS EP – ep review

Indeed, this is an excellent, excellent record and possibly the best album their label has released this year as far as I’m concerned. I’d have to say that it is one of my favourite records of the year, PERIOD. Wichita Recordings has found something good with Cheatahs. Now if we can get these guys together with Mystery Machine for a tour, I would be in seventh heaven. No, even better…eighth heaven!

Check out Cheatahs at all of the usual online haunts: On Facebook, twitter, tumblr and over at Bandcamp. You can download SANS from the Wichita Recording’s website and order a 12 inch vinyl version. There are only 1000 available worldwide, so I think that is your cue to act now before this offer ends!

All words by Chris Hearn. You can read more from Chris on LTW here.

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