Charlie Harper’s 70th Birthday: Special Gig In Manchester in May :The Damned replace The Exploited as headliners

Charlie Harper’s 70th birthday party gig at Manchester Ritz next May will now be headlined by The Damned after the Exploited had to withdraw after Wattie’s recent heart attack.

At some point in May 2014 the great Charlie Harper will be 70 years old.

No doubt he will still be on the road in the middle of a world tour but what better way to celebrate than with a special gig that gets the UK Subs to play with all their mates in the fab Ritz venue in Manchester.

North West Calling will be that celebration at Manchester’s Ritz. The best venue in the city and 1400 capacity will quickly sell out for the May 17th celebration of one of the genuine punk rock heroes lives.

Looks like everyone will be joining the UK Subs and now The Damned at this gig with GBH, Goldblade, Dirtbox Disco, Angelic Upstarts and many others.

Ticlkets are 22 quid from those nice folk at gigbox


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8 comments on “Charlie Harper’s 70th Birthday: Special Gig In Manchester in May :The Damned replace The Exploited as headliners”

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  1. Celebrating Charlie’s birthday is a fantastic idea, the man is a legend and deserves way more credit and respect than he gets in certain quarters, but The Exploited at the top of the bill? Really? It’s the great mans birthday and UK Subs are the best band on the bill! WTF!

  2. yes totally agree with above comment, the exploited? they are a dreadful band, you would think that they could come up with a better line up, what about the damned, tv smith, the buzzcocks, SLF? i think one of the reasons why charlie and the subs don’t get the credit they deserve is because they are so much associated with all that largely crap ‘UK82’ stuff, this is so unfair as the subs are so much superior to that, upstarts are a good choice although i don’t think any original members are in them now?

  3. Lawrence Chapple-Gill

    Mensi is in The Upstarts again isn’t he?

  4. re the above comments. Yes the Subs should headline the gig, I doubt that Wattie had anything to do with the flyers and I’m sure this could be changed closer to the time. as for “largely crap”so called UK82 movement? it was those bands who spearheaded punk into the 80’s and a lot of whom are still playing today… you could argue that the entire UK punk scene wouldn’t be so vibrant today if it had been left in the hands of the whinging Anarcho brigade… anyway, the Exploited fill venues, end of story… would we have Rebellion if it wasn’t for ‘big’ bands like this? I doubt it…. This should be a gig not to miss… peace.

  5. At least now a decent band are headlining:
    “the damned” .
    I agree with previous comments about the inferior “UK82” bands.
    I’m not sure what any of these bands have actually got to do with the original punk movement, other than gaining success on their tailcoats . They lack any creative originality whatsoever & should not even be associated with the likes of the far superior bands from that era: Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks, Adverts, Siouxsie, X Ray Spex, Ruts, 999, Damned, Wire, Vibrators, SLF, PIL, Magazine, Saints etc etc. It still baffles me to this day, how the largely original & creative “punk” movement, suddenly became associated with such noise merchants!!

  6. Sukifuki Fi-dolla

    creative..? for a split second… What about the likes of Discharge? it’s been noted before that they were largely responsible for influencing an entire generation of punk and particularly hardcore all over the world in the 80’s… some say they invented thrash… how’s that not creative? As for those 70’s ‘original’ punk bands… Did anyone witness PIL at rebellion 2 years ago? I did (lol) the biggest mass exodus from a gig at biblical proportions…. why? because they’re shite and John Lydon’s “creativity” should be left to butter adverts… I can’t believe it’s not punk…. ;)

  7. danny robinson

    what more can u say about a legent Charlie harper exellant band professional singer a true icon,but the exploited still going from strength to strength love there music

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