Just when you though there was nothing left to be done with hardcore along come Cerberal Ballzy.
The band take the fierce dynamic intelligence of Bad Brains and crank it with a 21st century energy proving that all you need to be right now is a dose of modern energy.

Check their myspace now.

They also have a stunning live show. This is the high energy hardcore without the too metal edge that we have all been waiting for. This could be a major band and a big game changer in hardcore.

Fronted by the charismatic Honor Titus they were formed in 2008 and are from Brooklyn and their epynomous debut album is due out soon.


  1. I think the energy that this band has built a reputation on can be ascribed to puberty. I was unimpressed. Recklessness isn’t art by nature, and what i saw was some kid acting like a kid, with the energy of a kid, destroying a good deal of someone else’s property, knowing he got to skip town in a few hours. Granted, it would have been entertaining to watch him brake his own shit, even if someone else had to clean it up. In the meantime, as for energy, we could all pull off that same show if we had no accountability and the body of a 22 year old.

  2. […] Cerebral Ballzy‘s gig came close to being in here too. They were going great guns with Honor cleverly using the full length of the floor of The Thekla (& length of the mike lead) to launch an attack on the bar, hop over it & begin pulling himself a pint. He was then reprimanded by the bartender (a youngish lass, as it happened), & returned to the stage, tail between his legs, there only to fall foul of the venues stupidly early curfew of 9.30 & have the power cut having only played for 20 mins or so & with, as Honor himself said, “at least three songs to go”. […]


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