There is nothing more boring than the red carpet and the clutter and cackle of endless semi celebrities stuffed into their diamond encrusted evening wear for everyone to apperently gasp at.


It’s not just the sickening flaunting of ill earned wealth, it’s the actual vacuous mutton dressed as mutton of the pampered celeb class that somehow makes the front pages the world over.


Celebrities panic at having to dress ‘punk’ for New York gallery event

This week it gets even sillier.


A lot sillier.

Every year, apparently and according to the mainstream, the most talked-about clothes make their way up the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a fashion event bigger than the Oscars and Grammy Awards combined : the Costume Institute Gala.


It’s as pointless as you could ever imagine with underfed, pouting, semi actresses dressed by their stylists trying to look important in a barrage of flash bulbs but this year it’s got even sillier as they are expected to dress ‘punk’ to tie in with an exhibition at the gallery that manages to mangle everything about punk.

Hilariously the celebs are in a sweat because of the pressure facing them because their outfits and gowns on May 6 are expected to reflect the exhibits theme, Punk: Chaos to Couture, it’s a pressure that is weighing heavily on stylists and designers attempting to tackle pretty and punk, simultaneously- as if they were mutually exclusive.

Many of the famous people that we have never heard of don’t want to dress down and we imagine will totally miss the point of punk by putting a diamond encrusted safety pin through their multi million doller dresses. Their warped idea of glamour and beauty will remain to terrorise women worldwide who feel overweight by just viewing these skeletons flocking to the event.


None of them will ever realise the real beauty of punk was making the so called ugly beautiful and being your own DIY stylist. They will never understand a Poly Styrene with her vivid dayglo imagination or a Siouxsie with her fierce attitude or the Slits anarchic mayhem. The rich and famous will reduce punk to a gimmick and remove the subtleties and sex.


For how much longer do we have to tolerate their boring soap opera?



  1. For how much longer do we have to tolerate their boring soap opera?

    For as long as we keep giving them publicity is my guess

  2. A spot on analysis John…The whole idea (as usual) has been completely missed by these idiot people….I try to avoid using the word ‘concept’….much too ad agency, product sales and marketing for me. Look at Siouxsie, Jordan, Polystyrene, Viv and Ari and Helen from ’76 onwards. It was all about doing it yourself. Beauty is more than just skin deep. I met Viv again recently at an event and one of her gigs up at Nambucca. She’s still stunning, yet does not require a team of stylists and hangers-on…. The whole celebrity culture is disappearing up it’s own backside….

  3. To paraphrase Frank Zappa ” Most celebrities wouldn’t recognize Punk if it came up and bit them in the ass”

  4. Totally agree Rob! Celebrity punk – whatever next! I’ve been customising my own clothes and accessories since the late 70s and don’t intend to stop now. All I can say is”oh celebrities – up yours!”


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