CD pioneer Norio Ohga dies aged 81

CD pioneer Norio Ohga dies aged 81

Norio Ohga, the man credited with developing the compact disc, has died at the age of 81. The former President and Chairman of Sony passed away on Saturday 23rd April in Toyko after suffering multiple organ failure.

Ohga originally wanted to be an opera singer. In Tokyo he initially studied the Mozart fan music, and even sung to critical acclaim in Germany. He also took courses in conducting, composition, harmony and counterpoint. It was his frustration at the quality of classical/opera music’s recorded sound being reproduced on cassette that led him to look for new technologies to faithfully reproduce his beloved classical music ”“ This led to the development of the compact disc.

He helmed the deals that formed Sony Music, paved the way for Sony Pictures and established the very same Sony Computer Entertainment that would birth the PlayStation. Without him, DVDs and Blu-rays would arguably not exist. Ohga was also behind the development of the recordable mini-disc though this clearly was not as successful.

Its creator is now gone, will his invention soon follow him?


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