Cassette Store Day – announces list of releases…

Cassette Store Day – announces list of releases…

Cassette Store Day 27th September 2014

Ahead of the second annual Cassette Store Day on 27th September, the full list of shops taking part has been shared.

The event has grown in size since last year, with celebrations taking place all around the globe, from The Drift in Devon, Pie & Vinyl in Southsea and Monorail in Glasgow, to stores in Germany, Belgium, France, Japan and Australia.

The whole list of retailers taking part can be viewed HERE

The official London event will be held at Lion Coffee + Records, 118 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QR on 27th September.

The full list of releases has also been announced; whilst its fair to say that the inaugural Cassette Store Day came in for some criticism, certainly from the public, the second event has seen a huge increase in participating artists and also artists of greater stature and repute including Fair Ohs, Ash, John Grant, PINS, and The Wedding Present, – is this an indicator that CSD is gaining acceptance, will it come to rival Record Store Day…and if so will we see a resurgence of tape deck manufacturing?


Bright Light Bright Light – Matters : B-Sides & EPs (Self Raising Records)

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Live In London (Sonic Cathedral)

Psychic Markers – Dreamers Dreaming (Marshall Teller)

The History Of Apple Pie – Feel Something (Marshall Teller)

Fair Ohs – Everything is Dancing / Jungle Cats (Suplex Cassettes)

Keel Her / Warmhammer – Split (Suplex Cassettes)

The Homosexuals – Astral Glamour (Suplex Cassettes)

UV Race – Greatest Hits (Suplex Cassettes)

Various Artist – Itinerant Ethiopian Music (Dream Beach)

Courtney Barnett – The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas (Kissability)

Various Artists – Milk! Records Compilation (Kissability)

Prides ft. Lauren Aquilina – Strong Enough (Kissability)

Peter Broderick – Float 2013 (Erased Tapes)

ASH / HAUS/ Menswe@r / Pulled Apart By Horses / Dutch Uncles / Johnny Foreigner / Everything Everything / Joy Formidable / We Are Scientists / HETTIE + many more – BACK TO THE FUCK YEAH! 3D compilation tape (including free 3D glasses with each tape) (POST/POP RECORDS)

ASH – Untitled New ASH Album (side B is a C64 game!) (POST/POP RECORDS)

Dan Griffin – Bordertown EP (POST/POP RECORDS)

M&O – Almost/The Joy (Double Album) (POST/POP RECORDS)

We Are The Brave – Your Ghost/Sparrow (POST/POP RECORDS)

Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else (Wichita Recordings)

PINS – Come Back / You Don’t Love Me (Bella Union)

John Grant – Queen of Denmark (Bella Union)

Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One (Bella Union)

The Wedding Present – Valentina (Bad Paintings)

White Lung -Deep Fantasy (Domino)

Cassette Store Day – announces list of releases…

TBA – TBA (Domino)


Soft Walls – No Time (FAUX DISCX)

These New Puritans – TNP: Expanded (Live at The Barbican Centre) (Infectious Music)

Various Artists – Museums II/IV (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

Cassie Ramone – The Time Has Come’ (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

Monotony – Monotony (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

The Obsessed – Incarnate (T(R)APE)

Sodomia – Sodomia (T(R)APE)

Saviours – Crucifire (T(R)APE)

Spirit Caravan – Spirit Caravan Live (T(R)APE)

Bastard – Bastard (T(R)APE)

Various Artists – Ten Years of Transgressive… Introduced by Fred Macpherson (Transgressive Records)

Various Artists including Paws, Trust Fund, The Black Tambourines, Flamingods & More – Jam Kids: 20 Years since Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Art is Hard Records)

H Hawkline – Salt Gall Box Ghouls (Heavenly Recordings)

Gulp – I Want To Dance (Sonic Cathedral)

Dereck Higgins – Way Stasis (In Fact Recordings)

Larkian -Lunos Qza (Dead Vox)

MC Lars – Greatest Hits (Aaahh!!! Real Records)

Play Tonto – Maybe We Won’t (The Horse We Want To Hang)

Negative Energy – How To Explain The Free Market To A Dead Horse (Negative Energy)

Mt. Judge – Time’s Machines (The Adult Teeth Recording Company)

Dear Lara – Plans (Eureka Beat)

PoP Campaign – “HAME” (CARP Recordings)

Vladimir Is Alive – Robots (Evil Tape Machine)

Novanta – Best-Selling Dreams (Seashell Records)

Mothertrucker – The Power of Independent Trucking (Carnage Club)

Various Artists (ASH, Dan Griffin + 1 more) – Various (POST/POP RECORDS)

Mutual Benefit – “Love’s Crushing Diamonds” (Other Music Recording Co)

Various Artists – Bust Free 17 (Cold Busted)

Little Japanese Toy – Death Through Persistence (Bitching Cassettes)

Cassette Store Day – announces list of releases…


Meteorit – Meteorit (Greatberry Tapes)

Various Artists – To Fear The Silent Dream (Algebra of Need)

Various Artists – Evenings Spent (Negative Space)

The Boy I Used To Be RickyFitts – ‘Friday Morning EP” and ”The Common Way” (Pie&Vinyl Records)

Various Artists – Various (Handpicked)

Various Artists – NOW: That’s What I Call Music 666 (FUZZKILL RECORDS)

Bleak House – Music From The Middle Room (Keshcology)

Keshco – Freaks At A Wake (Keshcology)

Pianct – Spill Your Guts, let Out Some Noise (Cool Your Jets)

Scape One – Temporal Vortex (Preset Recordings)

Syd Kemp – THE HORROR (Little League Records)

The Midnight Rambler – Tales From The Nightshift (Lemin Records)

the swollencheek – the swollencheek (amorte records)

Yusuf Azak – Fuel EP (Gerry Loves Records)

Various Artists – Number 4 (Passive Aggressive Tapes)

3eme Sexe – BEAT Vol.01-04 (3eme Sexe Media)

Jo Mango – Transformuration (Olive Grove)


DARK FURS – EP SPLIT (Touch Tapes)

Skurgen – Gilsbakki (Touch Tapes)


th’sheridans – Held at the Gates (Eatery Records)

Film – Eclipse (Inner Ear)

Mechanimal – Secret Science (Inner Ear)

Various Artists – Window/You don’t know (Haus of PINS)

Various Artists – Tusch (Infinite Waves)

General Theory of Dub – General Theory of Dub Vol 2 (100% APE)

Halcyon Dreams – Grun (Halcyon Dreams)

Boygirlanimalcolour – JUPITER FIST (Scottish Fiction)

Various Artists – Gone Wishing / Behold, The Old Bear – Split (Scottish Fiction)

Shooting Guns – Wolfcop Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (One Way Static)

Jon McCallum – Surf Nazis Must Die Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Strange Disc/One Way Static)

DJ Savage – Collected Remains Vol.2 (KinetiK Records)

Various Artists – Let’s do some things together (VERYDEEPRECORDS / Magnetic Purely)

Baseball Gregg – Baseball Gregg (La Barberia Records)

Dog Legs / Mannequin Pussy – sorrythankssorry / KISS ME TENDER EP (Crumb Cabin)

The Midnight Rambler – Tales From The NightShift (Lemin Records)

ColeFord – Mixtape B (Secret Editions)

Jason Trachtenburg – Let the Fishes Do The Asking EP (Jean & Kappy)

Various Artists – Mixtapes Against Militancy: Federally Administered Tribal Folk and Pathan Pop from Peshawar to Kabul. (Pirate Modernity)

V/A – FoxBox Presents Post Nothing. The Edinburgh Underground 2011-2014. (FoxBox Records)

Various Artists – FoxBox Presents Post__Nothing Sessions (FoxBox Records)

Various Artists – So That’s What Passes For Entertainment These Days (CHUD Records)

Viscous Liquid – Songs For Jealous Lovers (One Note Forever)

Various Artists – The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 20th Step (Hi-Lo Tunez)

Various Artists – Orca Stalker (Azbin Records)

Yack – Nothing is as it should (Azbin Records)

Various Artist – Vestige Moderne 001 (Vestige Moderne)

The Fall Colors – The Fall Colors (Phase Velocity)

Y A S M I N – Maah’ (Bandcamp)

Y A S M I N – Maah’ (Y A S M I N)


Aftermath – Killing The Future (TAPE WORSHIP REC)

Superstring – Coconuts (Contrade)

Various Artists – Tales of the Insomniac Raksaksa (Teenage Head Records / Radio Raksaksa)

Various Artists – Not Quite Grown (Cheesus Crust Records)

Various Artists – Mixtapes Against Militancy: Federally Administered Tribal Folk and Pathan Pop from Peshawar to Kabul (Pirate Modernity)

Hebrew Witches – Rustlung (Common Records)

Harry Knuckles/Nicolas Kunysz – Split (Lady Boy Records)

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