ED762013-5961-4429-AD97-825CC8278761After decades of being stuck with their irritating hissing poor sound quality it seems that the humble cassette is back in fashion.

In what seems to be an extension of the vinyl snobbery the cassette has returned as a symbol of the golden years or something with some people even claiming them to have superior sound quality. Does this mean the pencil will make a comeback to spool the shitty tape back into the case when it falls out?

According to Nielsen Music, cassette album sales in the United States rose by 35% in 2017, with sales totalling 174,000 copies compared to 129,000 in 2016.

Can anyone explain this!?

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  1. Has to be Hipster fashion thing, there’s no point to the things and no redeeming features unlike vinyl. Plus hipsters are sheep like idiots

  2. There are a few decent cassette only labels knocking about (eggs in aspic as an example) and a lot of the smaller labels are struggling with vinyl releases as the majors are releasing a new Bowie album every 5 minutes and there is a 3 month turn around for manufacturing. Odd box records are going back to cd/tape production next year because of this.

  3. 1. It’s cheap. Cassettes can be picked up for next to nothing in charity shops.
    2. Sound is analogue, so on a decent deck ( which could be had for pennies) sounds perfectly fine.
    3. It has a novelty or nostalgic appeal.
    So you can have a little fun setting up a system and buying a few tapes for very little money. It doesn’t feel like a long term thing, as their appeal was only their portability, and we now have smart phones which are better in every way, but I can see the appeal if you like that sort of thing.

  4. A lot of people want to have a physical ‘thing’ when they buy a release – I would bet that most people buying cassettes just use the accompanying download to listen.

    For a small label there is much less cost and much quicker manufacturing than vinyl, since the majors have swamped the few remaining pressing plants.

  5. Amazing how gullible people are isn’t it! Somehow believing that buying music on cassette they sound ‘better’ – You can only laugh at such silliness! What next? bring back wax 78’s – that were real music lad!

  6. Tapes are awful but so is Mp3, vinyl is seriously flawed the copact disc is the superior format for true music lovers.

    I’m so tired of hearing vinyl has a better sound utter nonsense. Based on what measurement. Based on you had a piss poor made in Bangkok portable CD player.

    Have you seen the state of some of these 30 quid record players… Damage your vinyl and sound awful.

    CD in a inexpensive system sounds better than a top end record player. And don’t forget nearly all music is recorded digitally any way. So how a digital sound becomes better on analogue vinyl is absolutely the unbelievable.

    Idiots keep your vinyl with your nice big prints and tapes with huge cards.. CD is awesome.

    That’s why it’s still about. And the rest ain’t

  7. I covered cassette store day a couple of years back on my website and despite a bunch of lesser labels knocking out stuff by bearded top knot wearing Norberts from Dalston listened to by bearded top knot wearing Norberts from Dalston, i didnt get an overwhelming feeling that the cassette was making it’s way back. I think it’ll always be a ‘format’ but don’t expect to see HMV clearing shelf space for them anytime soon!

  8. It’s got to be a new trendy thing for hipsters and other idiots. Cassettes were very handy and portable in their day, but they are inferior in every way to what modern technology can offer – even decent quality MP3s sound better. I still have loads of old cassettes – like my vinyl I kept most of my collection, but unfortunately all my cassette players have now packed up, although my even older JVC direct drive turntable is still going strong.


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