Carter Tutti Void 'Transverse'

Carter Tutti Void 'Transverse'

Carter Tutti Void ”˜Transverse’ (Mute)
CD/LP/DL ”“ Released 26th March 2012

Carter Tutti Void’s ”˜Transverse,’ is a unique and challenging collaboration from Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle) and Nik Void (Factory Floor) – the tracks were created especially for the Short Circuit presents Mute Festival at the Roundhouse, London in May 2011.

The Quietus described the live performance as “a warm embrace, creating a deep connection”¦ Carter at the back manipulates the electronics while on either flank, Void scratches noise with bowed guitar and Tutti plays while singing vocals that she mangles and distorts”¦ there is no nihilism in this noise, nothing but a deep and wonderful sense of love.”

These tracks were initially prepared in the studio and then performed and recorded live in front of an audience – ”˜Transverse’ is that document.

This may well have been recorded live ”“ however this is so much more than your more run of the mill live album, it’s obvious that the act of recording the performance was merely incidental to Carter Tutti Void, no quarter is given to accommodate audience response, the band do not even acknowledge the audience is present; no “Hello London” – that would be unthinkable. What the audience were witness to however was a meeting of two industrial pioneers and a current semi goth/dark dance master, in the past such similar collaborations have often resulted in drawn out self indulgent ponderings only understood by the artists involved; that is definately not the case with ‘Transverse’

Carter Tutti Void

Each of these 10 minute pieces demonstrates the intimidating power that industrial music in its purest form contains ”“ even with the input from Void there is no hint of more accessable EBM style shenanigans; the four tracks deliver a literal wall of sound, a sound that builds relentlessly, Carter and Void provide the rhythmic driving electronics whilst Tutti sparsely delivers heavily treated and unrecohnisable vocals. Turn the volume up and the music will envelope you, carrying you in a hypnotic like state ”“ the recording shows that the performance was not merely a ”˜playback’; the tracks develop organically, they retain a raw element ”“ this is a visceral, brutal record and that’s down to the innate understanding Carter Tutti Void have between themselves and of the sounds they create.

One can only imagine the impact this had upon those present to witness the live performance.

Magnificent… all that’s missing is the accompanying Mute Festival 5:1 DVD


The album is made up of 4 parts:

V1 (10:04)
V2 (10:05)
V3 (09:06)
V4 (10:08)



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