Carol Hodge

Joe Tilston

One Sided Horse (solo set)

The Salty Dog – Northwich – Thursday 7th March 2019

I go to loads of good gigs but this is why I review em. Carol is one of the humblest people I’ve ever met considering her background with Steve Ignorant from Slice Of Life and all the other shenanigans she gets roped into. I am overwhelmed by the love people have for her talent and that’s why I’m here for an intimate night of soul searching music from talent that makes me cry. Wayne Carey is my name and I get emotional now and again…..


Mark Whiteside needs to be recognised. For the uninitiated he is the guy behind the mask of the singer from Evil Blizzard. For those who don’t know, Evil Blizzard rock like Ozzy having  a party with John Lydon on acid. Mark does love songs with some sidekicks from Embrace to meld that sound into a National type thing but British and still heartbreakingly beautiful. His side project One Sided Horse released probably one of the best records last year and was only ignored by the people who can’t see into the beautiful underground of raw talent.

The set he does tonight is maudlin but uplifting. He knows how to pick those chords to fuck with your emotions and delivers an iconic set of new stuff and belting tracks from the album which still melts my heart from every listen. I mention The National for the reason that he delivers this stuff on his own from his heart and it just makes you stop and listen in awe. Get the Embrace boys on board and you will get a band ten times better than those morose fuckers across the pond. Highlight is when he does a duet with Carol Hodge on keyboards, fucks up, say’s sorry to Carol, and Carol says “fuck it” your guitar was in the way!


Joe Tilston just fucks me up straight away. I never knew he was the bass player with Random Hand until tonight. My eldest sons favourite band from years back when they supported Sonic Boom Six!! Great set of punk style acoustic shit with a stop start theme carrying right through. Great lyrics with punk as fuck strumming, going heavy then light, then heavy again with cracking morose yet banging vocals. Bass player?? Fucking top frontman more like. Great stuff and his forthcoming solo album is on my list!


What can I say about Carol Hodge? She just bosses it. Her album Hold Onto That Flame is sublime shit. Political, poignant, realistic, heartfelt. It’s all there. Her keyboarding prowess is no holds barred with her amazing lyrics and witty banter in between which has us all laughing throughout the set. The Yorkshire accent only comes through in between songs however we love it. No Holds Barred is just enormous, as is the Witch Is Dead, directed at Thatcher. The mental health issues are raised in certain songs like Bear With Me which comes across amazingly and resonates with this audience. To me she is one of the best songwriters in existence at the moment. Due to the lyrics which are profound as fuck, her keyboard skills, the ability to do this live without a full band. She is the epitomy of a true musician in her element. Stop The World is such a good song in it’s own right. I’m melted by that one. Why don’t these bellends who do the Brit Awards take note of proper punk talent from the streets and make a new category? Then again, do I want to see Carol mixed up with a bunch of drunk plebs celebrating a load of wank?? Do I fuck!! However, she should be massive. Fuck Adele. This is serious shit that should be on a grand scale. Intelligent lyrics, genuine person, amazing stuff, rocket science anyone????

Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his  website here 



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