A Carefully Planned Festival #5 : Manchester Festival Preview‏

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A Carefully Planned Festival, Manchester, 17-18 October, 2015

We’re sending Keith Goldhanger to Manchester because we think he’d like it there.

150 bands – full details here.

According to the limited knowledge I have regarding these things I think I’d be a fool not to lay my neck on the line here by telling you there’ll be some absolute gems amongst this lot.

What is it that separates the music by Foals, Coldplay Kasabian or (insert the name of any band that currently manages to draw in thousands of punters whenever they appear inside big sheds across the nation)……… from the hundreds of (arguably) equally class acts the nation has very limited knowledge of currently?

….Well apart from good PR and radio playlists that feel it’s important that in order to maintain their listenership they need to play the same songs twenty times a day…

In our little world that we spend 24 hours a day inside, some of us get excited by things we’ve not heard before, sounds we’re unaccustomed to and bands that make us wonder what they get out of life that encourages them to end up sounding like they do.

The crop of (usually young) up and coming bands available to us here in the UK is stronger than ever and it’s what helps some of us get out of bed in the mornings. This is one of a few events around the country (Swn Festival in Cardiff is in November – we’ll be covering that as soon as this one is complete) that makes our mouths water and get our pens out to draw circles on bits of paper around those names we know and love, those we don’t know but believe we’ll love and those we’ve seen mentioned before at similar events that therefore must be good.

We’ll get the ball rolling with some of the music that we’ve seen before, written about before and can’t wait to see again.

Ten to start you off ….


All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his find his author’s archive here.


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