Capdown at Satans Hollow, Manchester – live review

Capdown, Satans Hollow 24th October 2011
Review by Vicky Boyce

“Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Sound”

Who’d have thought the mighty Capdown would have returned.

After the split in 2007 and reformation this year , it was a bloody lovely surprise to find out last minute that they were playing in Satans Hollow, Manchester after some fuck up with their Blackpool gig. Last minute yes, yet the venue was absolutely packed from the minute the first support Sense of Urgency executed their first song.
I didn’t really know a lot about the first support but they got the audience skanking away and pumped for the rest of the night.

Then for the John Player Specials to tear Satans up. They did exactly that. They were class. They looked like a band who truly wanted to be there and were just having an awesome time. What I love about gigs like this is no matter what your music taste you can’t help but have a good time. I’d had a few beers at this point and it only seemed to be getting better. John Player Specials are a Manchester band that when you’ve got a spare evening you should just pop along and see them. I do love a bit of Northern Ska/ Punk there’s just so many bands to mention that fit into this community and are there for the pure love of music and nothing else.

I feel like I should write a little about the venue in this case as Satan’s isn’t your usual stage, audience, bar scenario. The circular stage makes it hard for a band to connect with the audience and with a band like Capdown in there it took about ten years to get to the bar. Taking this into consideration it is safe to say it did not phase Capdown’s performance in reality it merely willed Jake Sims-Fielding (The more than energetic vocalist) on.

Capdown played an awesome set with their most iconic set list including ”ËœBitches in Nike Shoes’ and ”ËœAct your rage’. They went absolutely mental with Jake bringing the stage to the crowd when he set the mic lose and went to dance with the rest of us. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a reaction to a band in a small venue where you can barely swing a cat. The fact that the gig was so last minute yet had such a big audience for the venue proves how influential Capdown are to this community.

The sound was good considering and everyone was shouting along in unison. It was a gig to remember. Capdown have been quoted to say that they don’t know how long this reunion will last so, if I have one piece of advice it would be to get yourself along to the nearest gig and experience it for yourself even if you don’t think it’s your cup of tea. You don’t seem to find many bands these days that still have that kind of passion for music that aren’t driven by money or fame yet have the talent to become that big. It was never a priority for this band. They love to tour hence why they are back.

What is brilliant about these gigs is the stories you hear along with the music. The general banter of past times although they never like to go on. It shows their passion in the albums they have created throughout the years. Their albums however are nothing compared to the live shows where you see a very much alive and energetic band from Milton Keynes.

Not something you see every day.

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