LTW louderthanwarThe Foo Fighters photo controversy rumbles on.

The band recently stipulated that photographers had to sign contracts at their shows

A newspaper in Canada recently sent an illustrator to a Foo Fighters gig in a protest against the band’s photo contract issue at their shows. With the Washington City Paper stating on the contract that “The band would have ‘the right to exploit all or a part of the Photos in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised, throughout the universe, in perpetuity, in all configurations’ without any approval or payment or consideration for the photographer”.

“That is exploitation of photographers, pure and simple… by signing that contract, the band could then use the creative work of our photographer in their future marketing materials or to resell them through their site. The band’s contract, to be blunt, sucks.”

When the Foo tour rumbled into Quebec the local paper, Le Soleil brilliantly sent a cartoonist to draw the band at their show instead of signing the contract.

The rights grab issue is tightening up with stadium bands and corporate rockers like the Foo Fighters trying to force photographers to give up all their rights when they photograph the band – there has to be some solution to this and you would have hoped that Dave Grohl would have instructed his management to act in a different way…

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