Canadian government price hike for musician visas – another country causing problems

Just when you thought it could not get any worse for British musicians trying to tour abroad with the Amercan visa situation we have just received news that the Canadian government has put a massive price hike on musicians visas.

For the past three years Louder Than War has been running a campaign alongside MP Kerry McCarthy and UK Music to try and sort out the American visa situation. The American via situation has been very difficult because of outside parties charging lots of money to process visas, a bad system where visas get held up for months or turned down for arbitary reasons or you have to go to the American embassy at 8 in the morning (its in London- so thats an expensice two day trip for northern bands).

Anerica  was held up as a bad example of visas for musicans- it’s crippling touring and movement and to rub salt in the wounds with their musicains not having the same problems coming to the UK

And now the Canadians have decided go join the party….

An additional $275.00 fee has been added by the Canadian Government to the application for international artists to enter and perform within Canada making it anothr country that is really expensive for bands to play in. This is aridiculous  situation and needs to be sorted out.
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