Campaign To Keep Liverpool’s Famous Lomax Venue OpenLiverpool’s famous Lomax venue – a stepping stone for so many bands local and national is facing closure after the local cops raided it and Garlands last week for drugs.

There is a protest next week to save the club and a Facebook campaign that has already attracted many followers.

This is just days before police will appear in Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrates Court for a full hearing to close the club.

The Facebook event says: “Following the ridiculous accusations made against this venue, we are organising a protest gig to save the best music venue in town, the Lomax, with the best staff, managers and customers going…. a true FAMILY.

“We will meet at midday on Saturday 21st outside the Lomax. Bring banners, instruments and loud voices! Save Lomax! The people’s venue.”

The Lomax club will remain closed until February 25 after police made a formal application for a closure order in court.

Sergeant Michael Hearty told the Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrates Court how undercover police were offered drugs at Lomax on numerous occasions.

He said: “Drug misuse is rife on the premises. The toilets were drug swabbed and tested positive for cocaine.”

He added: “Police officers could receive drugs from across the bar. One officer was taken out behind the bar and was offered cocaine.”

At Louder Than War we wonder how many drugs you would find in many places of public life these days and how many non rock n roll places and people may use drugs as well. Surely there is a less drastic solution than this.

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  1. Its a dam shame that they want to close the lomax drug use happens everywhere for example a couple of years ago the houses of parliament toilets were swabbed for drugs and strangely the toilets came up positive for cocaine that’s not closed down yet so why should the lomax its easy for the police to raid clubs so that that dont have to try and find the dealers that’s who they should be trying to find so dont shut down the clubs shut dont the dealers


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