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Reinstate Janice Long & Alex Lester to overnight Radio 2 programmes!

Using repeats in place of real human DJ’s after midnight on Radio 2 is shortsighted. Both Janice Long & Alex Lester provide a beautiful service to the people of our country that can’t be measured in finances.

Night workers, insomniacs, students, lorry drivers, music lovers & the lonely NEED that human touch.

There is a night time world & a night time economy that should not be forgotten about, many of us take great solace & enjoyment from Janice & Alex’s shows. Replacing them with a loop of repeated shows is culturally myopic and not what the BBC should be about and shows a lack of imagination from a creative body and disrespect to the idea’s brought to the airwaves by the two broadcasters and their producers.

To the outside world the UK Music, we should be providing more outlets for our bands & songwriters not axing a treasure like Janice with her vast music knowledge. Are Radio 2 saying because shows in the small hours have obviously smaller audiences than those listeners aren’t as important and daytime show listeners?

I’m sure people can suggest other ways Radio 2 can make these cuts …

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  1. In my opinion is it worth keeping talent like Alex Lester and Janice Long rather than wasting high wages on TV rejects. Unless you’re aiming to be just another computer generated ‘music’ station

    • What has gone wrong just out of hostpial and can’t find Janice or Alex the only thing to get me through the painfull notes there shows were great pick me up but radio 2 keep that prick graham Norton on Saturdays Now iv just found out they have got rid of brain Mathews lost the plot who’s next watch back ken Bruce

  2. So the BBC is looking at ways of saving money, which is not a bad thing but why don’t they start with getting rid of people that are on ludicrously high wages, such as Gary Lineker there are dozens of retired footballers that could do his job for a fraction of the price. football fans won’t stop watching Match of the Day just cuz he doesn’t front it!

  3. Getting rid of Janice Long’s show is INSANE! It’s like firing Terry Wogan or John Peel. What she brings is unique & appreciated. I am aghast that anyone thought this was a good idea. Shame on the BBC! I also have enjoyed Alex Lester’s show many times.

  4. I love the after midnight and late night shows on R2, simply as that really. Some of us actually like live late night radio. I don’t want a repeated show or pre-recorded show, Its nice when you listen knowing that there is someone out there broadcasting to you live.

  5. We love Claudia Winkleman…..but get rid of her off radio 2! And other so called “dj’s” who shouldn’t be there….R2 even changed the sunday night jazz format/timetable (that my mother 82 has listened to for years followed by Janice of course) all to suit Claudia whilst she was busy with strictly! Janice is a REAL DJ…an expert in music, she’s dedicated to finding and showcasing new and exciting musicians and bands. Our family are loyal to R2 and have followed Janice whenever unfairly she has been passed from pillar to post by the BBC! For example losing the popular Saturday morning show. It is a fact that she has now become a major “voice” in the middle of the night to people who work unsociable hours just like her….. whoever is in charge should consider the “music” in “music business” and the REAL people who deliver music to US the listener and license payer. #keepjanicelong

  6. Radio is a one to one system .. and the BBC has made that style their own for years … Making your over nights in to repeats of shows plus a jukebox format using the playout systems… is giving in, and the BBC was never like that … It was a broadcasting leader … …. Why not employ Alex and Janice to broadcast over night to BBC Radio 2 and the the BBC local stations .. now that would be money well spent ..

    • Some of the networked local shows evening/early night time on local radio are very good eg: “rock n roll heaven” in the eastern counties on a Saturday evening and Keith Skuse on a Sunday .However, once it gets to 1am on Monday morning we get radio 5 “up all night”. Fine at other times , but over heavyweight at that time of night and not what is required.
      Radio 2 needs more brains with their management and not clueless metropolitans!

  7. What a shortsighted thing to do. Janice and Alex are the only reason I listen to Radio 2, as I am a chronic insomniac and need them to listen to. Radio 2 has already committed a criminal act by moving Alex to the weekend slot. I sincerely hope Radio 2 bosses reconsider or they will lose their audience who are a dedicated and loyal bunch. Think again Radio 2!

    • I don’t think the bosses will reconsider which just shows how out of touch they are with their audience. The shows are the best part of radio, original and engaging.Also, some of the local radio stations have lost some of their more interesting presenters because of an ignorance and arrogance amongst the top management. They think they know best! They don’t. Time for p45s all round, starting at the top!

      • I will add to my last comment re P45s, the tearing up of contracts ,no golden handshakes or pension pots and enforced living on benefits with no other support for a minimum of 2 years to see how they like it!!!!.I am tired of those in corporations getting large payoffs for so called efficiency and cost savings!

  8. Radio ist a 24/7 Job. So there’ are lots oft people got to listen nightly and in other time zones is day, you know.

  9. Shocking news but hey we still got fantastic international dj s like Lisa tar buck ,Vanessa felts an simon mayo :D. . Time to look for another station .

    • Afraid I can’t stick Vanessa as she is patronising and very boring; an instant turn off as is Evans immediately following. Radio needs proper presenters, not celebrities.

  10. Two of the most original and informative DJs going because of cost cutting to be replaced by who Knows what, which no one will listen to .Absolutely disgraceful. The audience will no longer have the opportunity to receive and interact with interesting information. I suggest the BBC stops trying to arrogantly ignore its audiences; the night time audience is as important as any other and does not deserve or warrant being marginalised. Perhaps the BBC should remember it is there for ALL COMMUNITIES.In addition, perhaps those staff who advocate this course of action should perhaps find themselves marginalised by redeployment on the fringes.(preferably very remote!)The may then have a proper appreciation of what life is like for the night time community!!

  11. Cut back on all the news programs like 24 hour news. Sky do it better. The BBC is getting worse now and losing these fine presenters is a big nail in the coffin. The Been has Boobed!

  12. this current obsession that radio 2 has with celebrity presenters is costing them these two shows and the millions they pay chris evans etc. who do the out of touch guffawing chinlesss wonders that run the beeb think puts the caviar and champagne into the shops they use during the day, yes night workers, when they need the police at night, yep ,..night workers and so on and on, we are people, why do we deserve less than the nice chaps that work 9 to 5 and toddle off to bed at 10.30?. we are the listeners they badly need, we dont watch tv at night we listen to the radio. its your bbc? my arse it is, only if you listen during the day. shame on you bbc,…shame on you.

    • +1
      Sack the manager’s and reinstate Alex and Janice immediately along with a pay rise because they are so good.

  13. What a cop out! Pruning back the front line talent and hoping that just because it’s ‘After Midnight ‘ there won’t be much of a fuss. I echo the previous emails sentiments about late/over night workers being entitled to quality live BBC broadcasting as much as the daylight economy. Public auditing would throw light on where the slack lies in this organisation.

  14. We should all have seen this comming when the changed the format from Janice 12 till 3am and Alec 3am till 6am when the Beeb changed from that to the current format we should have known it was the beginning of the end

  15. This is such a shame. Janice and Alex’s programmes provide an essential service. Their presence in the small hours provide cheer, solace, and company to many people. The BBC need to balance business with the provision of a public SERVICE. There are many other ways that they could redress budget shortfalls without axing such a priceless service.

  16. Such a shame – decisions made by underage chinless wonders no doubt.
    The bottom line is not the all and end all – the BBC was set up to provide ‘entertainment’ to all never mind the time of the week or time of the day – it’s a sad world when a corporation that takes in billions in fee payers revenue can’t afford programs that cost peanuts to present in order that the ‘powers that be’ can collect their six figure ‘salaries’.
    As I said ‘very sad’ . . .

  17. Cutting live programming through the night will have a highly detrimental effect on people across the U.K. Not only the millions of night workers who should have an equal right to quality BBC services but those who are sick, parents of young children and those who are alone value the interaction with live radio immensely – this is a kick in the teeth for so many people-

  18. What a dreadful shame that once again the BBC’s Management are SO out of touch with what their customers want and the service we want from them. (The Tony Blackburn public-pillory was a previous example of how the BBC Management get it VERY wrong in a long line of incompetence).

    I watch very little television but DO listen to a lot radio including after midnight BBC2.

    Why cant you cut high salaried presenters (even by a %age). In my opinion, both Janice Long & (especially) Alex Leicester are worth MANY times more than the likes of Chris Evans, Gary Lineker, Claudia Winklemen, the ‘Bake-Offs’ etc etc.

    The ‘After Midnight shows are a service, and the ‘personal touch presenters’ (e.g Alex & Janice) which what makes the BBC SO special. Repeated programs and looped music is shortsighted thing to do. Janice and Alex are the main reason I listen to Radio 2, as I am an insomniac and need them to listen to. Radio 2 has already committed a criminal act by moving Alex to the weekend slot. I sincerely hope Radio 2 bosses reconsider or they will lose their audience who are a dedicated and loyal bunch.

    I SINCERELY hope you do the right thing and re-consider please!

  19. Axing Alex and Janice to pay for musical brain deads like Graham Norton is crazy and unfair to all the station’s discerning listeners – a shame on the BBC!

  20. The BBC is going down the tubes those repeated shows are ridiculous I love Janice and Alex shows they are innovative!! funny !!

  21. Ok let’s put a whole different angle to this, it’s a late night show so the thinking is that no one is up and listening because the executives who run the BBC are all in bed. Well they maybe tucked up but I for one am wide awake because of the planet we live on and the beauty of the Internet means that for me as an expat living in a different time zone I am on my way home from work when I listen to Janice long. Funnily enough I listen to Steve Wright in the afternoon when I am having my breakfast.

    There are millions of people all over the world listening at what we call daytime, even though the Executive in bed can sleep soundly on this idiotic decision the rest of the world need to listen to these stalwarts of the BBC.

    There is a great deal of love and best wishes coming from Utah USA 7 hours behind you.

    BBC you underestimate your global audience.

  22. While I am neither a student/shift worker or trucker;I sometime’s can’t sleep.This is why I find,Alex Lester, especially, irresistable ! I DO also enjoy listening to Janice Long,but prefer The Dark Lord with his zany sense of humour …. In my very humble opinion;I feel that IF the Beeb need to make cutbacks,they do so by getting rid of the has beens’,hangers on and presenters who are so full of their own importance !!! E.G.an aging,serious Jockin’guy;a certain ginger Tom cat who’s had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra…..I do like HIM too,but,feel he could be past his use by date ,sorry !Also a certain Lady presenter who seems more preoccupied with her own family news and views !Bring Alex and Janice into the WEEKDAY spots’,DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS;and show the daytime listeners what PROPER D.JS’ actually sound like ..X

  23. The live broadcasts of After Midnight on Radio 2 should not be axed, as they provide an important service to anyone who is awake during these hours, not everyone works 9 – 5. The truckers who message the shows can give early warnings of traffic and weather problems, when these are not available during the night. The BBC already have enough shows repeated or prerecorded, and I believe the BBC will loose listeners as they tune away to find live programmes to interact with. We are in the 21st century when interaction plays a hugh part in our lives. The BBC should look at this again, as I am sure there are other costs savings that could be made to save this essential radio programme, and of course the talented Janice Long and Alex Lester. Spread the word and sign the petition, remember how people power saved 6 Music, let’s make the BBC reverse this decision.

  24. Axing these shows simply to save money is beyond stupid. Live broadcasting thru’ the night is essential to the valued late-night community and insomniacs everywhere. Why not axe live programmes earlier on, such as Jo Whiley’s slot? A documentary repeat, or a vintage concert from the Radio1 or Radio2 archives, in the 8pm until 10pm schedule would be preferable to Jo’s non-descript show and dreadful banter. I’d even do 8pm til 10pm for a tenth of what they pay Jo Whiley… There’s a few hundred grand you can save BBC!

  25. Crazy crazy, the BBC are being very shortsighted. I am a bad sleeper and both these shows are wonderful to listen to. I hope they change their minds.

  26. The BBC need to save money according to the press release I read. Ok, so how about start with the excesses on Steve Wright’s show? Does he really need two “assistants” to guffaw with, save two wages there and reduce his wages? How about also reduce the wages of Chris Evans and Graham Norton? They do not need paid hundreds of times the average wage for a few hours work every week. Oh and while I am on a rant – Vanessa Feltz? You moved Alex Lester to the graveyard slot for her? BBC your priorities obviously lie with your “stars” and not with your listeners, that is very clear to see. How very, very sad.

  27. Shame on you BBC – have you forgotten your role? Janice Long is fantastic and will be a real loss. She is the most grounded , natural broadcaster on the station with superb taste in music , new and established. What a disappointment –

  28. Two knowledgeable & entertaining ‘old school’ DJ’s are to be ‘axed’ ….Why…..? A continuing example of the BBC’s 21st century trend of prioritising Profit over quality Personal Radio Broadcasting (a medium in which they were pioneers for many decades, & the world ‘model’ for subsequent broadcasting companies around the globe onever since) & replacing the likes of Janice & Alex with highly paid (mostly Overpaid) comparative ‘Musical Philistine’ ‘Celeb DJ’ personnel – Shame on you ‘auntie’ – Who next ? Ken Bruce !!! Heaven Forbid.

  29. I’m totally shocked at the BBC decision to end these two shows , as a trucker I look foreward to listening to Alex and Janice through the week , they make you feel like you really matter , the great music and chat make the nights more bearable, why can’t the get rid of the breakfast shows ginger whinger if they want to save money , if they’re leaving the BBC then so am I , plenty of good local stations out there

  30. Why why why you doing this to us R2. Are you just wanting to hit the self distruct button. You bin Janice and alex off, drop Dermot from Saturday afternoon let alone what you put Tony Blackburn through and now your putting on Alan Carr and Mel what do these muppets know about music.
    Maybe worth making cut backs myself starting with the Licence fee.

  31. OMG
    What a shame first Richard Allinson Now the Dark Lord and lady Janice been a fan of R2 for ever
    What …have the Beep gone completely mad. Save 10000s by getting rid of the self centred obsession with celebrities bring back good old fashion common sense.
    Thanks for reading !!!!
    Michael in Christchurch

  32. I am a truck driver who unfortunately has to work a 4 night shift every 3 weeks, I am disgusted that I will not have the pleasure of listening to the intelligent banter of Alex and Janice, I pay my licence fee like everyone else and the middle of the night is when I need the chat and music of Alex and Janice to keep me alert and awake while I travel around in my truck. Good luck to you both you will be much missed

  33. I have had the pleasure of listening to the through the night shows for many years during my stay in Hong Kong and Singapore, Janice and Alex you will be missed, your programs are a mixture of fun and fantastic music, you will be sorely misssd.

    • So agree with you, so short sighted, when we were posted in Jordan and more recently Barbados used to love to be able to listen to a little bit of home, it was great spending the whole evening listening to Lady Janice and the Dark Lord, back in the UK still enjoy them – even when I should be asleep, BBC what are you doing.

  34. I shall be really sorry to see Janice Long And Alex Lester’s shows finish. I particularly enjoy hearing about what Janice has done during the week and chatting to the weather and news people. I agree that it’s much nicer listening to DJ’s live instead of being subjected to yet more repeats. Think again Radio 2 you are making a big mistake.

  35. I like my deceased Father listen to the radio all night living alone I find it comforting .WHY does the BBC constantly have to Mess up .Janice and Alex were very good and amusing company .
    Shame on you BBC .

  36. I’ll really miss them – they help me get through those dark nights when you need a bit of company!
    Pay the big daytime beasts (who don’t seem to be able to string two whole weeks together these days) less!

  37. How very very sad to loose Janice and Alex , People who care for all of us on road it will not be same ever again .They keep us going up and down the road in earlyl hours with funny news make us laugh . BBC dont listen to people who listen to them Janice and Alex . soon they will run out of repeat shows . Wish Janice and Alex all best if they move on to a another radio stantion i for one will be with them again, I hope they do find a radio station that we can listen to them a again, All best to Janice and Alex

  38. Yet another bad decision by the BBC managers. Why do they constantly want to gain younger audiences. Do they really think that young people are up at this time listening to the radio. Why not keep the older faithful listeners happy, those that really appreciate these late night shows, night workers fur instance.

  39. That’s really it for me with the BBC. I’m disgusted at their attitude towards their listeners and the few genuine DJs they have left. Why not get rid of overpaid so called “stars” like Evans and several others who only like the sound of their own voices and talk over just about every song anyway. Your standards are falling BBC. I might cancel the licence fee direct debit.

  40. What are the BBC bosses thinking of axing Janice and Alex after midnight, they are brilliant broadcasters ? Need to save money get rid of Vanessa Phelps or better still pay Chris Evans less!!

  41. I agree with all the previous posts , Janice and Alex air in my evening time slot in Hamilton ,Ontario, Canada.As an expat I will not listen to repeats of programmes ive already listened to during the day . Totally agree about paying guest DJs exorbitant fees and ditching the 2 best evening / overnight broadcaters around. Again the Beeb have got it wrong. You will be sorely missed !!

  42. shafted again by OUR BBC!
    Truckers, night workers, fishermen, farmers and the other nightshifters and grafters that keep this country going and pay the licence fee for quality service, NOT advert driven rubbish, to keep us sane through the night!
    Good Luck Janice and Alex.. set up your own station with the other talents trapped by the corporate scum and create something wonderful and worthwhile.
    Go for it, do us proud as you always have!

  43. I rely on Janice and Alex to get me through the midnight to 4am period. Prerecorded formulaic programmes are no good for me or, I suspect, millions of others. The accountants at the BBC should be fired with a raft of top and middle management. Not forgetting the under age producers. Thanks to Janice and Alex – good luck for your futures.

  44. Would be very interested to know how many millions of listeners there are from other countries making up a huge audience. For us in Australia Janice Long is our prime time morning show, not the bearly listened to middle of the night slot the BBC bosses seem to think it is. I love listening to BBC radio but so glad the ghastly Chris Evans is not on during my listening time. Janice Long is an absolute pro, knowledgeable, friendly, totally inclusive and smart. I can’t bear the dumbed down banal chat of some of the other presenters. Having just listened to her last broadcast it’s clear she doesn’t want to go. Bring her back!

  45. Listening to repeats, what about all the night workers! Should of got rid of that ginger t**t in the mornings, instead.

  46. very rare I even bother write anything online or sign a petition,, generally those type bore me but THIS is different >>
    there are, I guess, thousands and thousands of quiet listeners thru the night who like me will truly miss Alex and Janice.
    for me they are my morning show ,, keeping me going on site here in Japan for the last 24 years..
    we abroad, will miss you both…

  47. BTW::
    Alex Lester THE DARK LORD can now be found on bbc Radio Kent…
    I hear…. any more details or if I`m mistaken please update..
    thanks, Mark in Japan.

  48. I too feel disgusted you have axed theses shows. We need to listen to real people-not just a machine churning out the same old stuff. I think being a d.j. is a real art. Not long ago I went to a disco and you couldn’t see the d.j. as he wasn’t there, just this machine pumping out the same old tunes. We need d.j’s to dance to. Plus t.v. is dreadful so looked forward to shows. Shame on you radio 2 and bring them back.

  49. This is dreadful news, both Janice Long and Alex Lester have been entertaining night workers for many many years, and I’m one of them. Thousands of people work through the night, why should they be made to suffer with unwanted repeats?
    Please think again BBC, this is a very bad decision on your behalf and you seriously need to have a re-think

  50. You waste money on celebrities who we don’t want and get rid of vastly experienced, talented DJs who we do want. You are there to do the public’s bidding, not your own. Disgraceful BBC!

  51. And don’t forget those overseas listeners who enjoy these programmes.
    Cannot understand how the BBC can continue its downward spiral at the cost of listeners pleasure. Two great presenters being axed and yet the myopic attitudes abound in the upper echelons of management together with inarticulate presenters holding time slots

    There are an ever increasing number of repeats on the BBC and if this is the answer then phone long before we return to the radio having no,programmes after 22:00 hours until 06:00

    Ltd trust that the BBC actually does begin to listen to the voices of the listeners and retain presenters such as Alex and Janice

  52. BBC used to be the epitome of broadcasting to the world and now it sinks deeper into the mire of mediocrity and supporting overpaid and ego-inflated presenters …….. many of whom have been brought back numerous times. At the same time BBC pillory some presenters and only public opinion brings them back.

    Here we see real professional presenters, who are knowledgeable and can actually string a sentence of wisdom together, being sacrificed for unwanted repeats selected by people who probably never listen to the radio after midnight. Not only are the programmes inappropriate for the listeners but we have to suffer referencing other programmes or events that are meaningless during this period.

    BBC what the heck are you doing …….. please get back to being an entity that serves the people

  53. If Janice and Alex want to continue, they should be allowed to do so .. they have been a big part of my life for so many years.
    I have been a Community and Hospital Radio broadcaster for over 25 years, and know how important night programmes are to people, both working and not.
    We need a real voice in the night, not repeats.
    These guys did it brilliantly.
    I agree with others that the current ‘decision makers’ are probably a little young to understand the value of such wonderful programmes to us, the listeners of the BBC, and would mention also that the BBC was set up for the welfare of all.
    Please get a grip, BBC .. look back in history to learn what Lord Reith had in mind!

  54. I would also add that when caring for my late Parents, one of whom suffered from Dementia, my nights were much eased by a live voice on my radio.
    There seems to be a perception amongst the Young Turks who plan programmes for our BBC that people who are up at night are in this position because they have been out clubbing etc.
    Many night listeners are caring for the Young or the old, or at work.
    If listeners can’t sleep for other reasons, there should be no moral attitude about this ..
    The BBC is supposed to be here for us all.

  55. Well it’s looks like the day light people are running the asylum. Axing the best time of the day, not well informed.

  56. so yet again another bbc screw up lets see now v.feltz and c.evens whats there salaries if I was in charge of radio 2 I would put janice long 12 till 3 then alex lester 3 till 6.30 then I would bring back Richard alansion to do breakfast I think the money would be better spent on them instead of those 2 money grabbing idiots u have first thing in the morning I don’t waste my time listening to that rubbish.

  57. Good luck to the both of them they did not deserve this treatment from the BBC cut the wages from the main big boss and bring back Janice and Alex such class presenters

  58. I tell you what we should all withhold some TV licence lets start a campaign on that one, they are reducing service quite simply reduce payments in line these are the two best shows on radio 2

  59. Unlike all the emails above I am not a big fan or either presenter but I do agree the are less and less of presenters who love and have a knowledge of the music they play. The beeb is going the way of the dreadful commercial stations who play the same tracks over and over on a endless loop.

  60. Boy oh boy
    What a disaster are the ‘repeats’ now being played to replace two live great presenters.
    Quite honestly it is better to find some other media than listen to the drivel the BBC now are dishing out to us who listen in the Wee hours

  61. Bring them back , listen for a change to what the public actually want !
    It’s a ridiculous concept to do repeats at this time .

  62. The overnight ‘playlists’ on Radio 2 are flat and soulless. Listening to them is like being stuck in a lift, listening to interminable ‘muzak’.

    Janice Long and Alex Lester were wonderful companions for the millions of us who listened overnight, every night. I doubt very much that the teenagers who run Radio 2 will ever bring them back, because that would be admitting that they were wrong.

    Instead, they’d rather pay inarticulate bores like Fearne Cotton and Martin Kemp, or ‘celebrities’ such as Alan Carr (fine on TV – dreadful on radio).

    Here’s how to save money on Radio 2. Pay Chris Evans a lot less.

    Radio 2, shame on you for ignoring your listeners, and treating Janice, Alex (and the incredibly knowledgeable Brian Matthew, as expendible commodities.)

    They weren’t – they were our nighttime companions, and our friends.

  63. Alex Lester and Janice Long have kept me going throughout the night for many years as im a truck driver, if they dont return then i will never listen to Radio 2 ever again.

  64. Yet another BIG mistake by the BBC, who wants inane roll rounds in the middle of the night to save money. It is our BBC we pay enough for it.
    Get rid of these celebrities like Gary Linekar, Alan Carr and Mel, all over priced , and certainly not value for money.
    Star by reducing some of the huge salaries at the top, and start living and working in the real world.

  65. Absolutely disgusted by Radio 2 – I live alone and they were my late night companions – brilliant DJ’s who should never have been treated in this way also of course Brian Matthews.

    Bring back the pirate ship radio stations on main broadcast I say – Radio Caroline and Big L etc etc

    Should send the Radio 2 management and the vastly overpaid celeb broadcasters down to the Job Centre – mind you obviously their eyes are closed so they would probably never be able to find their way there.

  66. So, the BBC actually let it drop.
    Made the decision to stop using live TV ( my son watches Netflix and I stream online from pre recorded stuff outside iplayer)
    So no tv licence from me until they are reinstated.

    How does this settle with the BBC’s remit to public service provision- no public service ( music and talk) between midnight and 5 am ( over 20 % of the day)

  67. As a lorry driver working nights can’t beat a national station, sadly some of what they put out after 8 pm is boring me to death ,pick of the pops and sounds of the ?? is great ,but most of it can go on digital radio 1002 as far as i’m concerned,perhaps repeats of radio 1 top 40 shows from the 80s could cheer me up a bit better. so now even less for my licence fee

    • Gone Blackburn Mathews lester long four greats. Staying ginger prick Evans biggest bore to hit radio Norton so in love with him self

  68. I miss the company of hearing Janice and Alex so much! Its a lot more than just music and chat. They helped me, a single, lonely shift worker get through long nights getting off to sleep. It’s just rubbish now knowing all midnight broadcasts are repeats. I feel so let down after all these years, its just not the same. I am so disappointed!!

  69. Because of my work I already listen to most of your shows twice now,at least listening to Janice and Alex it was not a repeat. If you need to save money get shot af Aniks Rice for a start bumbling her way through a morning, does Chris Evans need Vasos and are you also paying his children when they are on.

  70. Nights just aren’t the same anymore. Janice & Alex provided an excellent service and point of contact to their listeners, but now the interaction has gone. I object to inference that the listeners at this time are less deserving of proper two-way entertainment, and I also object to the salaries paid to other, mainly weekend, “star” presenters whose shows I now avoid.

  71. … forgot about Mr Evans. Can’t stand the bloke, and mornings always start better when he’s not yapping on about something or other – Zoe’s much nicer to wake up to!

  72. I can’t believe that you get rid of the live human touch and replace them with spooled, repeated, rubbish. I often work night shifts and listening to JL and AL helped me get through the early hours. Won’t be sticking with R2 now – absolutely disgusted.

  73. So disappointed at this decision. As other people have commented, night time listening will not be the same. The play lists are very robotic. Thanks to Alex and Janice, for many pleasurable hours of listening over the years.

  74. I think the BBC have lost their minds. They would rather fund a 24 hour rolling news service that nobody watches than a highly entertaining radio show that keeps people in need, company. No doubt the Bosses maintain their big fat salaries!?

    It’s complete madness. Please, bring back after midnight!!

  75. If you don’t like the decision to drop After Midnight then the guy to tell is Bob Shennan, he’s the person who, I believe, is responsible for this CRAZY decision.
    Here’s his e-mail address: bob.shennan@bbc.co.uk

    It’s completely MAD, there are so many other shows the BBC radio bosses could have cut instead of these. Jeremy Vine for a start with his provocative highly left wing show!

  76. It would be interesting to know the combined incomes of Janice Long and Alex Lester from the BBC and then be able to compare them with the Salary of this Bob Shennan. (Who has heard of him anyway??) Richard Alisson (Alice Richardson as Wogan used to call him) and Brian Matthews gone too, but at least Tony Blackburn has got a small show back.

    Has Bob Shennan ever really listened to Lisa Tarbuck, Vanessa Feltz, Graham Norton or Alan Carr and that Dippy Bird that goes with him? Ye Gods!! Are they all for real?? Why do we have to suffer the overvalued Jonathan Woss on the “Arts(?) Programme. OMG!!!
    Bob Shennan should also compare the Breakfast Show when Sarah Cox sits in for the overgrown Ginger Schoolboy with his hangers on. Look at cutting that lot and your own salary Mr. Shennan and I think, no I’m certain you would save a lot more money and please a lot more listeners.

    I forgot Jeremy Vine! After that episode with him on his bike and the woman in her car, I suggest the BBC employ his brother Tim. Much better value for money.

    I wonder how many other nameless management “suits” on telephone number salaries sat round a table on an expenses paid lunch with Mr. Shennan to make the decision to cut Janice and Alex? Their one days expenses would probably have paid Janice and Alex for at least a week. They should be forced to listen for at least a week to that boring woman telling us about BBC podcasts and other the voices (who has heard of the names that keep popping up??) extoling the virtues of what they have inflicted on us, the BBC2 overnight audience.

    Bring back Janice 12.00 – 3.00am.
    Bring back Alex 3.00am – 6.00am.
    Put on Sarah Cox 6.00am – 9.00am.
    Give Ken Bruce an extra 30 mins from 9.00am – 12 Noon, then leave Steve Wright and Simon Mayo alone.
    Let the evenings muddle along with their various programmes until we get to Midnight again.

  77. Obviously discerning listers of the former Radio 2 are being blotted out by the BBC management —– decisions being voiced by Lewis Carnie of the Management (or mis-management) are facile even to a non-English-speaking listener (oooppppssss former listener)

    Being a corporate advisor I would welcome the opportunity to be asked by the BBC to overview their financial spends and put some real savings into place so that real programmes can be brought back.

    Also, whilst not probably accepted in today’s PC world / feed the minoritory factions, let’s get people who have a pride in showing that they understand and can promote the English language in the United Kingdom

  78. The bbc radio 2 frankly now has left us with one proper dj. Ken Bruce. Decent presenters got rid of and the celebrity tv people, cooks and sports stars doing worthless shows for their own benefit. BBC local radio employ some damm good presenters give them a crack at national radio.

  79. After after I lost my husband she became my best friend. I couldn’t sleep without listening to her and her stories. I am now very happy but I still listened to her, rather than my new husbands snoring.

  80. Further to my previous post, here are some figures from an article in the Daily Mail, Mon 27th Feb covering BBC excesses.

    £470,300 payoff to a Director General after just 54 DAYS in charge.

    £98.4 million on a failed IT project

    £465,000 pay to D.G. Tony Hall.

    £435,000 to his Deputy.

    £2.6 MILLION annually to Graham Norton.

    £120 on 48 Cupcakes by comedy chief Shane Allen

    £1 BILLION on New Broadcasting House in London

    Unfortunately, no salary published for Mr. Bob Shennan.

    With wastages like that, how dare they dispose of Janice and Alex!! The comparatively few quid they have saved by doing so must be like a spit in the Atlantic.

    I can’t be the only one that is Fed Up with the silly Playlists they are forcing on us now. Totally bloody lifeless!! I DON’T WANT to download (or is it Upload?) the damn things. Bring back the REAL people.

  81. Typical Beeb, feed the fat cats and forget the little guy, namely us the listener and even more so those of us that listen through the night. Some of the best shows were on during the night, none of the drivel that is broadcast through the day on shows like the breakfast show or the afternoon slot, even Jeremy Vine is a pain most days, and worse when that trout Vanessa is on! I’ll admit Vine has grown on me over the years but he’s still not a patch on Jimmy Young!
    Dump Evans, Wright, Winkleman to start with if you need to save money, then the rest of the ‘celebrity’ presenters! Why was the Jazz show cut to an hour, likewise the Organist entertains and Friday night is music night, they’ll be the next to bite the bullet, it’s all getting too ‘modern’! Bring back some decent shows that the listeners want, we can’t all get dab or internet radio, can’t even listen to radio 2 on freeview because of BBC Alba during most of the day. As for ‘pod-casts’ at night it’s so annoying not having a person speaking in real time, and all the bleeps and whistles that come through when a session ends is so annoying too! Sorry but this is another nail in the coffin! And I’m debating whether to stop listening altogether!

  82. What a show down from the BBC radio 2 for axing the after midnight show . As a long distance lorry driver their show keep Britain trucking . Reinstate this show now

  83. “Our BBC” should mean just that. Please take notice of all the above comments and suggestions.
    Dear BBC please follow the example others have taken and complete a U turn on this decision and reinstate Alex, Janice and Brian.
    We can all make mistakes – just be man enough to do something constructive before all your loyal listeners have left.

  84. why not get rid of some of the “TV presenters” that are awful and replace them on those shows with Janice long ? It usually is last in first out !!
    Alex Lester irritated me though. with the bunged up adenoidal sound of his voice. Half the time he seemed to be just waffling filling in time between tracks like the geek who thinks he is funny.

  85. why not get rid of some of the “TV presenters” that are awful and replace them on those shows with Janice long ? It usually is last in first out !!
    Alex Lester irritated me though. with the bunged up adenoidal sound of his voice. Half the time he seemed to be just waffling filling in time between tracks like the geek who thinks he is funny.
    Still shitty it happened though !!

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