the fiddler knows...what the folk is going on
the fiddler knows...what the folk is going on
the fiddler knows...what the folk is going on
the fiddler knows…what the folk is going on

Cambridge Folk Festival’s 10 Unmissable bands for this weekend at the famous folk festival that has a diversity that should attract everyone- Louder Than War

Earlier this year we had a great time at the BBC folk Awards and got heavily into a roots music scene that has many parallels with our beloved punk rock, so we are thrilled to be supporting the legendary Cambridge folk festival who selected 10 bands you should make sure when you are there this weekend.
They also told us that..
‘Many of these acts will be playing The Den which is the smallest stage but probably the most exciting. It’s an emerging talent stage that we set up last year. A beautiful Indian marquee, it’s got really lovely ambience to it and it was one of the most talked about venues at the festival last year.’

For more details and tickets go to the link for Cambridge Folk Festival

1. Jake Bugg ”“ Friday ”“ The Den
Jake’s one of these extraordinary young talents who started playing when he was 12. He wasn’t actually on my radar until I shazammed an advert on the telly and then saw him on Jools Holland recently. He’s starting to do really well. I heard him on Zane Lowe as well who played him as his hottest record of the week.

2. King Charles acoustic ”“ Saturday ”“ The Den
Probably the most flamboyant folkey I’ve ever seen, he’s going to be quite a contrast to many other things at the festival. He’s got the same spark that I noticed from Mumford & Sons before they played Cambridge.

3. Liz Green ”“ Friday ”“ The Den

Quirky Liz Green – quite unique. She’s opened sets before by retelling her favourite fairytales and always has delightful stage banter. Who knows what she’ll do this time.

4. Urusen
They’re young and exciting. They’re putting an album out on Real World records soon and even though it hasn’t been released yet but they were one of the most requested bands on our website when we asked people. They obviously have a very loyal fan base.

5. The Moulettes ”“ Sunday ”“ The Den
They have quite strong connections with some of the Mumford and Sons, I believe one of them plays on the album which is due to come out.

6. The Unthanks with the Righouse & Rastrick Brass Band ”“ Saturday ”“ Stage 1
The Unthanks never quite do what you expect of them. They’re a traditional band but they’ve got such a fresh approach to things. Righouse & Rastrick band are those who were behind the Flower Dance in the 70s. They’re probably the most famous and longest running brass band in this country. I saw them collaborate a few months ago and it was just amazing. I think both acts are happy to step out of their comfort zone and it’s going to be a really interesting, quite a unique collaboration.

7. Dry the River ”“ Thursday ”“ Stage 2
I think they’re going to take the place apart on Thursday night. I’ve got a similar feel about them as I did when I booked bands like Mumford & Sons, Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling in the past ”“ I think it’s going to be quite amazing.

8. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Thursday ”“ Stage 2
Another talent who started young and has since gone on to great things. We’ve a great tradition of presenting singer-songwriters and the intimacy of the festival will suit him perfectly.

9. Anais Mitchell ”“ Sunday ”“ Stage 2

A relatively rare appearance. She put an album out a year or so ago called Hadestown, which is like a folk opera. She comes from the same kind of stable as Ani Di Franco. She’s a very cool American singer songwriter with quite a strong alternative appeal. I think she’s going to be very special.

10. The Staves ”“ Saturday ”“ Stage 2
They played The Den last year and were so good we’ve brought back this year. I think they’re just going to go up and up. Their totally charming. They’re debut album is just about to come out and I believe it’s being produced by Ethan and Glynn Johns They’re both famous producers and this is the first time they’ve collaborated on a production. I believe they arrived at The Staves independently. As well as doing the folk circuit they’ve done backing vocals for Tom Jones they’ve just been all over the place. I think they’re amazing.


  1. Going to the Festival just to see John Prine. A rare opportunity, as I can no longer afford to go keep going to the States. Althought the last times I saw him in Nashville and Chattanooga were wonderful


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