punk-bands-rule-worldCalling All Punk Bands – A Fan needs Your Help! 

(And knowing what the punk ‘community’ are like in supporting ‘their own’ we especially want bands, big or small (or indeed anyone who can help) to please do so via the link below…)


Over the past thirty-nine years us followers and fans of the music of our lives, punk rock, must’ve spent THOUSANDS on records, CDs, gigs, merchandise. I’d shudder to think how much.

Well we’re now asking you to spend some money to help someone who’s just like the rest of us.

He’s a lovely bloke called Sean. He’s always smiling, always wearing a black t-shirt with a band logo on it, likes a pint and loves his music. And he needs our help.

Despite re-mortgaging his house and selling his record collection he still won’t have enough money for his daughter to get the operation she desperately needs.

Full details are all on Go Fund Me here: Jess’s Operation Fund.

Why should you help when you don’t know Jess or her dad Sean? Well, because he’s one of us. A punk rock geezer who hasn’t got a bad word to say about anybody and who’s a brilliant person (you’ll have to trust me on this – and I don’t know him that well, I just see him at gigs and we struck up a friendship online when he said he liked my reviews of a certain Manchester band…)

The people I’m appealing to here in particular are the bands who can pay back Sean, a contribution, in return for all the money (and love) he has invested in punk rock over the past 39 years. Please Donate what you can.

Please note; this is me, Ged Babey, asking, not Sean or Jess… this is the only way I can help by using my “fanzine-writer”s  voice and Louder Than War (who, we can safely say, are all behind this 100% – Ed) as a platform.

You might well be a cynical bastard like me, grumbling about how this country runs on effin charity, there’s too much of this beggin’ going on. And you’d be dead right. But the NHS aren’t helping in this particular case and I’m sure Sean and his family wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t a desperate situation they find themselves in.

Any bands who can pull a crowd and want to play a benefit gig in Southampton please get in touch.

Many Thanks. Donate here: Jess’s Operation Fund.


Thanks to the people who have donated already and everyone who has ‘shared’. Punks from the Newcastle and Fife Punk scenes have discussed putting on Benefit gigs in their area with local punk bands. A brilliant show of solidarity. So what I have suggested is that smaller regional strongholds like them put on their usual fast and loud, punk and proud DIY gigs and maybe add a quid to admission and donate the collected ££££’s via the Fund.  Hopefully my naïve faith in punks sense of community is not misplaced and there can be small, messy gigs all over the country (or world?) so you can help out and have fun at the same time.


(and yes that stupid graphic includes the Beatles, Stones and John Coltrane! Weird.)


Ged Babey (with thanks to Louder Than War / John Robb for letting me do this.) 


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