cabbagegorillaFast rising Manchester band, Cabbage, have issued a statement over claims of sexual assualt at last night’s Kasabian support gig at the O2 in London

The alleged incident led to an eyewitness, Nicole S Rushworth, to take to Twitter to allege that singer Lee Broadbent ‘sexually assaulted’ a young female fan who was on the front row with her father.

“The lead singer, Lee Broadbent, sexually assaulted a young woman at the show. Her and her dad had been in the queue since the early hours of the morning to ensure their place on the barrier for Kasabian, only to have their night tarnished by this awful behaviour. Whilst stood on the barrier, he proceeded to put his hand down his trousers, fondle himself, then rub his hand on the girl, ragging on her hair. Basically forcing her face first into his crotch.

Rightfully so, her dad complained to security who said they would speak to Kasabian’s production team. They then brought out the singer to apologise to the girl and all he did was start an argument with her dad. He flat out refused to apologise and got aggressive with him, stating that it was all part of the act.
“His behaviour was completely appalling, I have never witnessed anything like it at the many shows I’ve been to over the years. They may have been tipped for success but it is instances like this that give the music scene a bad reputation. It is appalling that something like this should be seen as acceptable and laughed off as part of the act.”

Cabbage response is as follows…

‘We completely deny the accusations put against Lee this morning. His hands were never down his trousers – although he did go down to the barrier to interact with the crowd, as he does at all Cabbage shows. After a complaint was made, Lee took it on himself to apologise, which is what any decent person would do if he learns that someone has been offended. Lee met with them, discussed the situation and hands were shaken before father and daughter left and then they stayed for the rest of the show.

“Security guards and everyone who saw the show, know that these complaints are completely unfounded. We’re very shocked and deeply troubled by these fabrications. Anyone who’s listened to our music, been to one of our gigs or read one of our interviews knows that we would never engage in any of the actions that this Tweet accuses of. We 100% support Safe Gigs For Women and everyone. Love Cabbage.”


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