Cabaret Voltaire to play live show for first time in 20 yearsOne of the most influential bands of all  time who define that strange word seminal,Cabaret  Voltaire, are to play live for the first time in 20 years.

Nothing has been announced by the band but they are listed to play Berlin’s Atonal Festival. No-one knows who will be in Cabaret Voltaire – so watch this space.


The Festival announced in a  press release.

‘Berlin Atonal is delighted to announce that it will host the very first Cabaret Voltaire live performance in over 20 years. Cabaret Voltaire’s blend of dance music, techno, dub, house and experimentalism made them, without a doubt, one of the most influential acts of the last 40 years. With a line up now consisting solely of machines, multi-screen projections and Richard H Kirk, the first Cabaret Voltaire performance of the 21st Century – featuring exclusively new material and no nostalgia – promises to be formidable.’



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