C.H.E.W. – 7 song 7 inch

C.H.E.W. 7 SONG 7 inch (Neck Chop Records)
chew picNeck Chop Records are very quickly establishing themselves as forerunners in current DIY punk music and have recently unleashed some straight up solid gold punk bangers. Not least of all this delightful dollop of wax, the seven-song debut vinyl offering from Chicago’s C.H.E.W. Hardcore punk as a genre I often find hamstrung by its own definitions. In particularly male fronted hardcore bands, many of whom often go for the jugular purely for the sake of it, without panache or originality. I find C.H.E.W.’s approach less obvious than most straight up HC, and as a result, it is unquestionably primal and engaging. It’s still full tilt, make no mistake. And it’s brutal in it’s precision and execution. But one of the main differences that sets C.H.E.W. apart for me is the remarkable (female) vocals: – equal parts menacing and enticing, a wonderful and relentless banshee wail. The musicianship is riff heavy and considered, and as you would expect from a band operating in this arena, brilliantly executed. There are so many ideas bristling out of this 7inch you will need to play it multiple times to take it all in. Go ahead, your ears will thank you. A refreshing take, and a modern genre-bending instant classic.

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