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Louder than War’s Ioan Humphreys falls in love with his favourite new band Buzz Rodeo with the release of their album Combine.

Buzz Rodeo are yet another one of my ‘stumble upon’ from the Facebook page ‘NOISE ROCK NOW’. A regular contributor to the page is a one Ralph Schaarschmidt‎. An obvious noise rock fan, he posts a seemingly endless stream of links to acts such Melvins, No Means No, Shellac, Cows, the list could go on and on. But one of his favourite links are to his own band Buzz Rodeo. Ralph beats you into submission to listen to his beloved band and one day last month, I decided to acquiesce. I was NOT disappointed. Buzz Rodeo are a three piece band from Germany lead by Ralph and are currently on their second full length LP ‘Combine’ after the well received Sports LP released in 2015.

Cheap Trick opens the LP and is an enormous slab of angular guitar stabs and throbbing bass. It is based around one hell of a riff and with the pained vocal refrain of “cheap trick” and the guitar gymnastics, this is a lovely racket and an opener that sets the tone for the whole LP.

Jordan Walk has more of the angular riffs with the vocals high in the mix. A drum breakdown splits the track, but the ever present throbbing bass is the glue that combines. This mix carries on throughout the LP to give it an immediate and visceral feel that carries the music way beyond the possibilities without it.

Nice Guy is one of the stand out tracks and is simply pummelled into submission by the drums and THAT bass rhythm running throughout. The yelping vocals of “nice guy” just add to the confusion and hysteria produced.

As the LP progresses, the stabbing guitar riffs, pained vocals and crazy drum signatures are ever present and with Tripwire! in particular, Buzz Rodeo have an impossibly great tune that combines pregnant pauses, sudden throws of drums and complete noise freak outs.

And as the LP comes to a close, the riffs, noise and thick bass lines continue with Spinning and Rub Down. Closing track Butcher’s Knife is a noisy as fuck stop and start affair that bookmarks this LP perfectly.

Buzz Rodeo take no prisoners and have the sound, as well as the agenda, to take them far and beyond the possibilities of current noise/rock bands. Taken at face value, they may seem like the bastard son of The Jesus Lizard and Shellac, and that is fine. But in no way Buzz Rodeo is a tribute act. They have (dare I say it better?) tunes than the former and have a more accessible side than the latter!

Buzz Rodeo are full of great lyrics and vocals. Intricate and clever guitar and inventive and interesting drums signature fills and thrills.Absolutely an act to watch. I love this band.



Buzz Rodeo can be found on their Bandcamp, Facebook and their Soundcloud.

Words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.

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