Brutality Will Prevail: Suspension of Consciousness – album review

Brutality Will Prevail – Suspension of Consciousness (Siege of Amida/Century Media)


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Welsh Hardcore Noise Merchants Brutality Will Prevail were our highlight at Hit the Deck festival in April where they largely played tracks off their recently released album Suspension of Consciousness. Below, belatedly, Adrian Bloxham reviews said album.

The vocals are angry, harsh and angry. The music matches, this album is one for the night time, for the darkness and raging inside. There  is a barely suppressed aggression that runs through the record, a perfect Hardcore feel. A mixture of metal chops and riffs and punk attitude.

I like the way the music changes, it’s not just heads down bash away and make a row, it’s thought out and careful. The slow menace of the spoken word introduction to the album with the phrase ‘I have no memory of my life’ repeated over and over makes you feel unsettled and uncomfortable. The songs shift and change, the thrash that you find in ‘Martyr-Anxiety’ contrasts completely with the underlying menace and Latin American feel of ‘La Mascara Mortuoria’. It’s not predictable and there lies its great strength.


This is the sound of being trapped, of being lost and alone, the black nihilistic rage that gets you when you are young and you have no power to change anything. It’s an album for youth, for the young to take to heart and make their own. This has the potential to change lives, to make people feel; and ultimately isn’t that what people need.

Every time it slows, you know it’s going to explode again, it’s like breathing, in and out, hard and soft, make the sounds move around and get to you. The music is crying out to be played live, I imagine that in a gig environment this would shine, as the sweat flies and the crowd disappears into a mass of arms and heads. Brutality Will Prevail have made a record for the hardcore crowd to embrace and make their own.


Brutality Will Prevail’s website is here, they are also on Facebook and can be found on Twitter as @BWPCULT.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here

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