Bruja – Tori/Sculie


(Damnably Records)

Out 26th August 2016

Louder than War’s Ioan Humphreys has sneaky listen to some of Yorkshire’s finest punk/noise makers. 

Bruja are a brand new band from South Yorkshire that have a mean age of 24. Ahh. A lovely age… Having bonded over menial and meaningless jobs, Bassist Delyth and drummer Zach share writing and vocals duties on these two songs that have the theme of friendship.

New member Giannis Kipreos joined in February 2016. The trio’s name means ‘Witch’ in Spanish and is inspired by drummer Zach’s recurring childhood nightmares of being chased by a Witch. Nice!

2016 has seen the band play support slots with Shonen Knife, Leggy, Wussy and Otoboke Beaver. The band is currently prepping to record their debut album.

First track ‘Tori’ has quite a measured and slow start. Delyth’s vocals are gentle and softly spoken, yet seem out of synch with the music and are almost spoken word. Then suddenly there is a complete wall of noise with the refrain of “marry me one day” over and over a cacophony of guitar noise and feedback. This may be a tongue in cheek marriage proposal, but set against this noise, she sounds like she means it! Above and away from the noise, there is a really melodic and tuneful song that eventually bleeds out.

Second track ‘Sculie’ is again a big song with a great riff running throughout. Again, it is full of noise and feedback, yet a beautifully melodic song starts to appear and creep out. Its very simplistic, yet it’s a fun and upbeat track.

Bruja may be a brand new band, but their influences are years old, yet they use them to create something that feels very new. Looking forward to hearing more Bruja in the future!


Bruja can be found on their Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

All words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive.

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