Bruise Control | Fuzz Lightyear – Big Hands, Manchester – live review
Bruise Control (pic by Tracey Howarth)

Bruise Control | Fuzz Lightyear
Big Hands, Manchester
23rd April 2022

Bruise Control and Fuzz Lightyear set the garage alight and flush your head down the toilet. Neil Crud investigates.

Big Hands is such a great venue – it has cool staff and a cool vibe. Drinking our way there from the centre of town it turned out the first band wasn’t on until 10pm. So this meant two hours of supping and chilling out to the best playlist I’ve never heard. The tunes were perfect for the mood; all dirty, sleazy and all from the garage of life.

Bruise Control | Fuzz Lightyear – Big Hands, Manchester – live review Fuzz Lightyear had played a festival earlier today and waded into Big Hands a little flustered, but were ready to rock and roll by the promised 10pm. I’m still pondering as to whether the name, Fuzz Lightyear is pure genius or totally ridiculous – probably both. This doesn’t detract from the fact they deliver an audacious sound straight outta Leeds. It’s noisegaze, post-hardcore, garage-fuzz, call it what you want, I thought it was simply neat. Psychedelic intricate guitars are built around Ben Parry’s distinct vocals and the band pull no punches. The recent expansive addition of Alex Calder on guitar/synth brings a hint of the direction they’re heading and the destination is exciting. Their volatile debut EP ‘Fuzz II’ brought a welcome grunge strewn barrage of noise, but there is more to come out of the Fuzz locker.

Bruise Control are on home turf and they handbrake turn onto the stage in a hot-wired stolen car. The pedal is rammed against the metal and there’s RedX in the tank. The turbo-goths have necked a fistful of pills from their Nan’s medicine cabinet, washed them down with cans of Monster and they’re gonna get GTA on your ass. Fronted by the cartoon character that is Jimbob Taylor, who must live in a tin shack, surrounded by chickens on the side of a dusty highway, Bruise Control rocked my world. They trashed through their repertoire, kicking, screaming, spitting and shagging. Your head is forced down a shit-stained toilet and is repeatedly flushed as they laugh at your misery.

This is cowpunk hardcore nonsense for deadbeats – YOU are a deadbeat – catch Bruise Control on tour with Sniff in May. I have just ticked a box I didn’t have to tick.

Bruise Control on bandcamp
Fuzz Lightyear on bandcamp

All words by Neil Crud, he presents the Punk & Beyond radio show every Monday night at 10pm. Follow Neil on Twitter – you can visit his author profile here.

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