Bruce Forsyth Goes To Iron Maiden Gig!

Sir Bruce Forsyth attends Iron Maiden / Voodoo Six show at O2 Arena in London…

Legendary entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth enjoyed a night of heavy rock recently, watching the iconic Iron Maiden on their ‘Maiden England’ tour. Sir Bruce attended the first of their two O2 Arena shows in London (Saturday, August 3rd) … without the band even knowing he was there…

“We had Strictly Come Dancing in the house last night”, Maiden front-man Bruce Dickinson told the crowd at the following show (August 4th). 

”Bruce Forsyth was here, which is absolutely f**king unbelievable. I wish I’d have known, I would have said, ‘Nice to see you, to see you nice!'”

Sir Bruce adds: “It’s not every day I attend an Iron Maiden show. The main reason I was there was for my grandson, Luke (Purdie). He has been touring Europe with his band, Voodoo Six, supporting Iron Maiden over the summer, and it was great to see them at the penultimate show. I’ll have to ask Iron Maiden for a free T-Shirt next time!”

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