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Bror ForsgrenBror Forsgren: Narcissus (Jansen Plateproduksjon)

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An incredible tour through a vast musical landscape, beautifully orchestrated and augmented with delicate and heartfelt lyrics. 

Bror Forgren famed for working with the likes of Jaga Jazzist, The Lionheart Brothers & Silence the Foe makes his solo debut. With an uncompromisingly beautiful record, Forsgren leaves nothing to chance as he provides huge musical landscapes. Expertly orchestrated and arranged by the world-renowned TrondheimSolistene, and despite these grandiose tracks there’s a wonderful depth and beauty to Forsgren’s work.

These sleek tracks cover a vast area of genres from the exquisite orchestral opening, to the funky upbeat and exciting I Need Something New. In many ways it’s reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian’s forays into disco infused pop, it also has a similar dance floor groove to it. That said as with all of these tracks, Forsgren takes his influences and spices them up with something altogether more exciting.

For example the addition of strings, accompanying the futuristic sound of the emphatic I Need Something New. The musical journey continues through beautiful delicate musical landscapes that are often tinged with sporadic heavier elements. Particularly on the forceful sounds of Still In The Wild that are sweetly tempered throughout, by Forsgren’s heartfelt lyrics.

However, the crowning glory of this album is the epic Tired of the Sun, this vast expansive, thrilling track is absolutely beautiful. It takes this album from good to great; the perfect orchestration that builds into this otherworldly sound is phenomenal. The delicacy of the strings combined with the crushing blows of percussion is exquisite, all culminating in a wild crescendo.

Even when Forsgren appears to tone it down, the layers of instrumentation are still especially dense. As previously mentioned he’s left nothing to chance, every song is meticulously captivating, the tiniest nuances are all given equal importance.

Narcissus defies convention with a plethora of sounds that fascinate and enthral throughout, all of which are nothing short of masterful. Forsgren has assembled an exceptionally talented group of musicians and this truly shows, alongside his remarkable songwriting creating one of the most intriguing albums we’ve heard in a while.

Bror Forsgren can be found online here He is also on Facebook and tweet as @BrorForsgren.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @Napzap.

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