Brix Smith whose well received autobiography reminded us of her potent musical skill and her times in the mighty Fall is readying a new album for her new band Brix Smith and The Extricated . The album sounds great – full of great hooks and tough guitar lines and is a great comeback.

There is also a big gig in Manchester at the end of April for Brix and the Extricated play with the Membranes, Evil Blizzard, the Nightingales, Dub Sex, The Blinders, An Empty Page at a big new festival at Manchester Ritz on Saturday April 29th – all details about the gig here .


Of course these top 10’s are not set in stone and are heel to do for a serious music fan…

Brix Smith ‘I could have gone quite a few ways with my top ten albums. I’m having a Sophie’s Choice moment submitting this list to you. It pains me to leave certain albums off the list. I wish you had asked me my top twenty. 
In the end I settled for these. I feel nauseous settling for anything in life. For the sake of brevity I have erected around my choices… a criteria….
1) Most listened to over time
2) Every track a winner ( all killer no filler)
3) Hugely inspirational to me as a musician, songwriter and human.
4) Each album seems to get better  with time, and I discover new 
pockets of sound on each subsequent listening.
5) Each album defines an era for me. 
6) I would consider all of these  ‘Classics”.
 All these albums were brave at the time of their release. They broke new ground. They forged forward, penetrating the frontiers of music and redefining what was possible. Each album is a perfect storm of multiple combined talents. Somehow divine inspiration was accessed, harnessed, and channelled. Like translucent lightning bolts, this divine inspiration, pierced and fragmented the body of the music, and infused it with a resonating power that spoke to me in the most visceral way.
Screamadelica. – Primal Scream
Surfer Rosa –Pixies
London Calling- The Clash
The White Album- The Beatles
Nevermind- Nirvana
Parallel Lines – Blondie
Hunky Dory- David Bowie
 IV, (zoso)- Led Zeppelin
Rumours- Fleetwood Mac
Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys
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