Britain's Got C*nts

Britain's Got C*nts

We live in a one party state. Big business, the only party in town, commands obedience from the political and media classes that would have made Stalin blush. These bull headed monsters, the oligarchs, their politicians and their media whores all sing the same bent tune. Dissent that threatens the rule of wealth is ruthlessly ignored. The right sort of trouble makers, those who bicker over irrelevencies not threatening the flow of cash, are most welcome. This fake opposition, those fake journalists, these fake punks, entertainers all, are the stuff the illusion of a democratic process is made of.

There is a European wide social democratic insurrection going on right now. From Spain to Ireland. From Greece to Portugal. From France to Turkey. And now from Manchester to Southend. And how the bull headed chorus sings! All the propaganda monsters, the real extremists, screaming bloody murder on every channel, on every airwave, on every page: Jeremy Corbyn is a time warp. An extremist, a marxist, old labour, a paedophile enabler, he’s this, he’s that, blah, blah fucking blah.

Jeremy Corbyn is an extremist
“Corbyn is extreme” scream the bull headed extremist war mongers

Corbyn is one of us. That’s what he is. Not one of them.

You do do politics. To think you don’t is to lie down and be kicked a lifetime by psychopaths and sociopaths. Fuck these shithead fuckers. Fight the power. Register as a supporter for £3 and vote Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership election. Do it now. Time is running out. Offer closes 12pm Wednesday 12th August.

Register To Vote As A £3 Supporter Here.

Listen to the hilarious and brilliant Chunky Mark The Artist Taxi Driver explain why you should support Corbyn here and here (short videos).

A vote for Corbyn cannot guarantee immediate world peace but it is a step in the right direction.

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    • Paul

      Yes it was biased. It was a call to vote for a candidate.

      BTW impartiality doesn’t exist. Those claiming to be unbias are lying or too stupid/deluded/arrogant/somethingelse to recognise their own bent. Announcing “impartiality” often goes hand in hand with claiming the “centre ground”. You should become alert to bullshit propaganda upon hearing these type of words. They are a lie usually prefixing other lies.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • For what it’s worth, I never mentioned the word “impartiality”. I believe that most people are happy being fed lies providing that there’s food on their plates and they’re able to live their lives. How these people’s political views will fare when mortgage rates and repossessions start increasing is anybody’s guess. The extreme market influence which the Bank of England has applied over the past 8 years is a future bubble in the making.

        For Corbyn, his pro-communism ideals will simply send the Labour party back light years. But at least he’ll pave the way for his removal and eventual replacement prior to the next election. God forbid that that person is David Miliband.

        • Paul

          I was using impartial as synonymous with unbiased.

          I agree experience is what most informs politics and the coming interest rate hikes, if not offset by some other economic voodoo madness, will do more than any blog post to radicalise people.

          However left Corbyn’s heart may or may not be, he is too pragmatic, too entrenched in the capitalist framework, to be called a communist. It’s absurd name calling. He is already saying he will be mindful of the deficit!

  1. The best thing about corbyn is he will tear the labour party apart just like clegg with the cant remember who the yellow lot were. Just need cam moron to tear tories apart over europe.

    • Phil

      Ah the sweet dream of the end of all parties. I’m with you on that one mate. Meantime, waiting for the preconfiguration, maybe even hoping to shape that preconfiguration, I bit the bullet and went all in with my three quid.

  2. The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself. Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.


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