Bring Me The Horizon attacked onstage in the USA

Bring Me The Horizon, the UK rock band who should have been in the Mercury Awards, were attacked on stage whilst on tour in the USA… Speculation is rife as to the cause, thankfully it has nothing to do with the bands own brand BBQ Sauce – story we featured last week.

The band are currently signed to Visible Noise Records in the UK, Epitaph Records in the US and to Shock Records in Australia. Their tough sounding music has seen them score a top 20 album in America and a number one in Australia.

Their name is derived from the last line of the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, in which Captain Jack Sparrow says “Now… Bring me that horizon.” Their music has been said to be influence diversely by grindcore, death metal and emo. They have released three studio albums and one extended play and Remix album.

There has been controversy at their gigs before. While on tour in the UK allegations were made against vocalist Oliver Sykes that he urinated upon a female fan after a gig at Nottingham Rock City. Sykes was subsequently charged with urinating on the fan. Drowned In Sound claimed that Bring Me The Horizon were banned from Nottingham Rock City, a claim that turned out to be false when the band subsequently played Nottingham Rock City on 1 December 2007.All charges against Sykes were later dropped.

Full story here.

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  1. Scary. I have my reasons to avoid performances. The emotions triggered are so intense, many can’t handle it. Trying to live a bit longer… ;-)


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