Brilliant pre Stone Roses shots posted on the net of the band dressed as Romans!

Before the Stone Roses there was the scooter boys. (read full account of Stone Roses early days here)

Ian, John and Cressa running around the country as part of the long lost youth cult dedicated to great music, scooters and the freedom of travel and youthful japes.

There was also the totally carefree dressing up with fuck you attitude as they rode into town…like on this long lost day when they dressed as Roman senators by the seaside, tough lads still looking cool dressed up in the high japes of youth.

Thanks to Howard Patent for the great photo of John on his FB page. Thanks to Michela Sacchi O’Brien for the other great pic.

John Squire in his scooter boy days

John Squire in his scooter boy days (is that Cressa in the shot as well?)

Cressa and ian Brown in Scooter club days

Cressa and ian Brown in Scooter club days


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