Watch This! Brilliant 80s UK Hardcore Documentary feat Napalm Death, Stupids, Heresy, ENT etc

Check out this brilliant documentary by the ever excellent Dazed people about the 1980s UK hardcore scene. It features many of those bands some us grew up listening to thanks to John Peel: Napalm Death (see pic above, which clearly wasn’t taken in the 80s), Stupids, Heresy, Ripcord, ENT etc

Dazed were commissioned to make this doc as part of a new five-part music series called Music Nation and this documentary goes by the name Soap the Stamps, a reference to the fact that people used to re-use stamps by, you guessed it, using soap. Handily everyone had soap around at the time anyway through “doing their hair”.

The tagline is:

“Following obsessive fans and musicians who turned the rural satellites and drab suburbs of the UK on their heads”.

Extreme Noise Terror indeed…

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.


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