Brighton Label Random Acts of Vinyl Release Xmas EP Featuring Many Names From Indie RoyaltyTo celebrate the 10th year of Brighton label Random Acts of Vinyl the people in charge of have finally achieved what they describe as “a long held dream” of releasing their very own Christmas record. Full details about who’s involved, (many of whom will be well known to fans indie music and John Peel alike) as well as a stream of the whole EP, can be found below.

RAOV – XMAS is a Limited Edition 10” EP of four new Christmas songs from label stalwarts Beat Hotel, Fire Eyes, The Delta Bell and Palm Springs. Many names from indie folklore were involved in the making of it, such as Dave Morgan (The Weather Prophets /  The Rockingbirds), Arash Torabi and Frank Sweeney (The June Brides), James R Thomas (Lolita Storm), Maria Marzaioli (Slum Of Legs) and Andrew Blake (Biff Bang Pow / Felt).

Via the press release:

“Beat Hotel kick things off with the sweeping lovelorn orchestration of ‘Christmas Eve’ and ‘Fire Eyes’ hit the festive road home with the fuzzed up, Spectoresque ‘O Falling Snow’.  The Delta Bell argue to be taken off the ‘Naughty List’ with the sixties stomp ‘Hey Santa Claus!’, before Palm Springs close the EP with the stripped back melancholia of ‘Snow Angel’.”

Interesting indie factoid for fans of interesting indie factoids: Dave Morgan from the Loft played drums on the Beat Hotel track and the last time he and Frank Sweeney played on a record together it was on Sonic Flower Grove, the debut LP by Primal Scream.

On lead vocals and guitar for the Beat Hotel track is Paul Pascoe, who also produced and engineered the whole EP. James R Thomas wrote the Beat Hotel song and played guitar on it. He was previously in Lolita Storm, digi-punk band from the late 90s / early 2000.

You can buy the EP via Bandcamp here:

  1. Beat Hotel – Christmas Eve 04:27
  2. Fire Eyes – O Falling Snow 03:42
  3. The Delta Bell – Hey! Santa Claus 03:37
  4. Palm Springs – Snow Angel 03:58

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