_51240117_inundation464bbcMuch has been said about the debate on whether to stay in Europe or not and  a lot of it gets called ‘scare mongering’ and there are lots of agendas at play here. In our world, the music world, oddly very little has been said about the repercussions of staying or leaving.

Louder Than War has been doing some investigating and found that the potential situation with leaving Europe is fraught with all kinds of problems that no-one has really thought of.

The worst of which is that UK bands may well have to get US style visas to play each European country. As anyone knows who regularly reads the site the US visa problem has become a real hurdle to any UK band who wants to to America (the cost of visas and the cost of agents who process the visas has spiralled out of control meaning bills of £5000 plus for visas that are usually delivered late meaning cancelled gigs and tours).


If this is the situation in Europe (and it’s by no means guaranteed that this will happen but several different people in the know have told us that it’s pretty likely) it could mean the British bands won’t even be able to make the short journey into Europe to play gigs and tours.


Add to this is the return of the dreaded carnet – where a band would have to pay up to £2000 per tour to even take their equipment into Europe and also leave deposits against their gear for each European country. No-one knows yet because we haven’t left Europe yet but the feeling is that it’s going to become next to impossible to tour Europe in the future.

We need some clarification on this potential situation from somewhere…stay tuned…

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  1. Ah Carnets and T1,T2 and T3 forms!
    Back to the good old days of touring Europe and waiting in customs sheds for hours to get the relavant stamps!
    Back to being locked up because German customs thought a bunch of long hairs were part of Bader Meinhof group.

  2. I would love to see a break down of costs for pushing pieces of paper around.. I had no idea about these visa costs until I stumbled upon the US campaign… £5000!! Do they not realise we’re musicians?


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